I N S E C T   W O R L D S



Many times I imagine being the bug myself
and the whole macro environment becomes anthropomorphized.

Instead of traveling to foreign lands to see new forms and sights,
I travel down in scale and visit a world with amazing creatures and environments.


nature is so pimped out

cool shades

bees drinking at the waterhole
bee cows watering

they look like robocopos



sci fi insect tank in the real world



yellow jacket with yogurt on my coffee cup



alien encounter on my doormat




what a great lifeform





are you antropromophizing?




if you would be there....






what a world to live in.....






insect bar?






a spider lives in this hostile spike world somewhere





this guy is so steam punk without the googles





what kind of life form is that?





in a galaxy far, far away there was a struggle going on....





as a human I see an embrace of love here







this happened in my front yard





great diner









real survivor

























































































































































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