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real estate photography charming asheville views 2013
pet photography family photography
industrial photography photoshop fun
a one hour shoot

children portraits
crestone colorado 2012 fauna beauty
unseen worlds 
common objects seen in new ways
a look into the world of small animals

insect worlds
insects are the tanks of the macro world....Wolfgang enjoys the macro world, because it takes only close up lenses, breath controll and lower body strength to be party of a dfferent reality......
interview with Wolfgang
- a close up of a twisted mind, permuted by years of meditation, Eastern and Western philosphy and the German avant garde, to name a few....
are like people, just more perdonality and pertinence....here are my first impressions of a place.....a
in a landscape the sky changes the most....why not take it to a extreme?
punked out in 1978
If you ever thought that Wolfgang was an unptight conservative puritan, please do not click the photo....

fritz's apartment 1977
These guyes where my buddies in my last life time, believe it or not....

turkey 1973
this is about going back into the time of fthe industrial revolution
people & portraits
london  1971 bohemia
amsterdam 1970 charming asheville
  charming marshall slides from
afghanistan, pakistan,
and india
uplifting desktop affirmations graphic design
& photography
  halloween 2013     

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