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Thank you Wolfgang, for being the kind soul that you are, and being there for me.
You don't know me, yet you answered my plea for help when I felt no one could
understand what I was feeling. You are truly gifted. A gifted healer... working with me
to solve the mazes of my mind, and the blocks within my heart, that have affected me
my whole life. Your services are worth more than can ever be replayed -- yet you are
fair, noble, and caring... wise, enlightened, and attuned to the Universe, and all of us
who are connected within. I want to personally thank you for changing the course of my
life in such a positive way, so that I may have hope for- and faith in- the path that I am
now on. A path that I was destined for, but too engulfed to see. A path that I was
possibly (or very probably) already on... but stuck there, with no vision of a future beyond.

My visibility was zero before I contacted you, and now I can see not only my own
(proverbial) hand in front of my face, but the endless possibilities beyond my hand; and
quite literally within my own hand. I was stuck. I wrote those very words to you, and you
responded with a hand in kind. A hand out of the quicksand that was to surely become
my only legacy. Because of you, now I may pay this forward... and lend my now visible
hand to those who may be where I once was. Stuck in the sand. We all have a purpose,
and you have found yours. And, one by one, you are changing the world by helping us
find ours. I want you, and everyone to know that for this I am truly grateful. Thank you
for doing what you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Sincerely, and with endless love and light, Beth
Dear Wolfgang, I want to thank you again for my session yesterday, it was so kind of you to help me release the blockages that kept me in such fear.  I know a tremendous weight has finally lifted.

Your guidance and wisdom brought so much of your light and love helping me finally understand why I could never lift this heavy cloud.  This situation has tormented me for over 30 years!  Your gift is truly a blessing.  I'm sending your name to those who I know may need your service!

I wish I had deeper pockets!!  Blessings,

M. G.

Wolfgang has provided me a safe environment to express deeply held pain and beliefs.
From there he has helped me re-member my soul essence, re-claim my divine power and
re-connect strongly with the source of love. Wolfgang is the only person I've met who has
the wisdom and silent knowing to tackle unspeakable, hard-core, confusing issues.
Wolfgang is tremendous in his own awareness of personal power, thereby facilitating great
changes in anyone's life---if one is ready for it.

Graciously, Lara

I want to thank you again for meeting with us last month and for helping me see my own process.
The experience was powerful. You served as a catalyst to my realizations about the parts of my
being that need to be nurtured. 
I like to acknowledge you for what you do and what you stand for. 
Again, thank you for your guidance. 

Peace & joy 


Dear Wolfgang; 
Thank you for being among the first people on my psychic path to guide me. I donít know what I
would be doing if you hadnít introduced me to the Angels, Jesus and Mother Mary.
The conversation with Jesus will always be with me. I wish you many blessings and massive light & love. 



Wolfgang has a way of helping you connect to your Divine Self ! A session with him always results in
healing and other positive results. Not only did Wolfgang help me tremendously on a personal level
through past life regressions and inner-child work, but also professionally. I am better able to serve
my clients because of the techniques I learned from him. Wolfgang provides a safe and nurturing
atmosphere infused with Divine Love that enables healing to take place on a very deep level.     

Nasya Gelbart,
Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Practitioner

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