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how to use a pendulum
a great way to get information
that is beyond the logical mind
free videos library
all instructional videos from
Wolfgang ranging from
how to use crystals
to the far end topics
how to use crowns
this is for sensitive people that want to understand how to use energies for ceremony
past life regressions
the juicy side of mind expansion

energies at home
how to clear old energies,
charge the walls with love, etc.

the hermit -
a past life regression
one of the sweetest and most
instructive regressions I ever made
high self
a very important topic for
anybody ready to understand
their multidimensional existence
vision questing
making decisions about life without knowing the back story or knowing why we are here in particular is a struggle.  Here are some cool stories.....
healing with love
if there is one do all.... heal all, it is love.....love is not an abstract idea, but an energy that can be felt and that affects.....
animal spirit helpers
these are angelic multidimensional beings that overshadow animal species in our realm......everybody I met has some of them assisting in their life lessons, and talking to them in a guided meditation is very eye opening....
loving one self
if you are not the best friend to yourself, then who is? Love is not just, but a nourishing energy that brings out the best in us.  
who does not have it? Is there divine anger and how do I deal with this mess?
how they affect our lives big time
goddess Kali
she is skary and this is the story
how she rattled my mind...
throat and neck problems
you will know, why this grabs your attention.  Overbearing parents, authorities shutting you up/down, issues with the man, religion or the status quo?
spiritual healing principles 
once you get it, it becomes easier
back to ishani's website
check out crowns
and wands made by my wife
wolfgang's photo galleries
besides the graphics and web design you see here, Wolfgang has a fine arts degree and likes you to participate in his optical delights....
waking up to spirituality
if you are guided to read this, you are probably waking up to a greater reality.  You came to the right place....please click on the photo and proceed accordingly.... 
wolfgang's testimonials
check out the product reviews
sacred geometry
this is for people that can feel energy and not just some mental indulgence 
  ghost stories
ghosts may be one of your most important aspects of your karma.  If you get a buzz reading this, you better follow the link.
free desktop images
with affirmations
lazy man/women's ascension habits are supported here....
should we pay
for spiritual guidance ?
Is Wolfgang in it for the money and how do I balance guilt and appreciation?
spiritual services
by Wolfgang
You are the solution to all your problems, yet , there is help....may be......seeing me as the knight in shining armor is great for my Ego, but bad for your's....please see me as a spiritual mechanic or coach, not your daddy...hi hi......
free videos for
your spiritual upliftment
I have always have had a distaste for spiritual exploitation and the abandonment of the poor. 
Taking my time and attdention should always be rewarded, but here is a wealth
of practical information and do it your self guidance for you here. 
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