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     WAKING  UP  by Wolfgang  

Through meditation, guided meditation or hypnosis one can link to the spiritual Internet. This is where the genius and the prophet get their

inspirations. From here you can visit your incarnations or talk to your guides or your own higher aspects.


There is a lot of new age writing about waking up and ascension out there. Is there any truth to this? I can only talk from my personal experiences,

but what I have witnessed so far is quite amazing. As a healer, it makes me very happy to help people wake up. The few hours spent by me

assisting people in removing the obstacles to their own awakening are some of the most rewarding in my life. Some part of me is aware of the good affects rippling, or better, snowballing through the time lines of future generations. Awakening one healer, who may touch and inspire hundreds or even thousands of souls in his lifetime, is an ecstasy for me.


I can safely say that more than half of the people that are coming to my healing circle find out that they are supposed to be healers in due time. In some cases, they were supposed to work with big crowds at their best. Other souls chose to live rather solitarily, tending to their family only, yet

being of service to all by being a shining example that awakening is possible.


Quite some time ago, Linda (I.D. changed) came to me.  Her life was in great turmoil as she was complaining about her marital troubles and

confusion. After the initial clearing of her own energies, Linda was able to pump wonderful energies from the earth and the heavenly realms into

this dimension.


After about three sessions, when her vibrations had been raised sufficiently, we invited her spirit guides into her inner sanctuary. She could clearly

see them. There were angels to the right and apostle like beings to the left.  I had Linda ask her guides questions about the problems in her personal life and it became quite clear that she did not trust her guides.


Many people blame higher powers for their personal calamities (How can a loving God allow this? How can this be part of Gods divine plan?)

Many felt abandoned in the face of evil in some past life, when they were tortured for being light bearers. So, for some reason, Linda did not trust

her guides.


To resolve the issue, we had to bring Linda into a past life in ancient Greece, where she was the priestess for a local king.  She had a nice temple

where she would channel messages from her spirit guides. She was taken care of nicely with a comfortable home and no care in the world.

Everything was being provided for.


The problem arose when the king needed certain information for a particular political move. Past life Linda could not get answers from her guides

on this issue and thus annoyed this king. After several days of trying, she was fired and roamed the streets as a homeless with no survival skills. She

died within three years.


Within these three years, she had decided to not serve the world with her gifts as a psychic, seer, channel, or priestess any more. She was disgusted

with her disloyal king, as well as with her spirit guides, who did not provide an answer when it was so crucial for her. Past life Linda basically

turned her back to her spirit guides and their guidance for many lifetimes to come. It had been a long time since the channels of communication

were opened.


Taken the fact that we incarnate knowing what we are getting into, why did Linda choose this incarnation, what was the divine plan?  The answer

was: Yes, there was a divine plan. First of all: none of the priestesses that the king hired after Linda got the desired information. Second: if the king

had gotten the information, a great darkness would have come over the land for many generations. Third: the king was her oppressive husband in

this life.


I requested some more details and Linda was shown another vision. She was progressed in time and shown how liberty and creativity were replaced by dull oppression. This would have been the probable future, had the requested information been given to the king. Linda became aware that she took the hit to protect future generations. Her martyrdom was worth the price.


But could her guides have at least explained to her priestess incarnation for what reason she was not getting the information? Linda got the answer

right away. That probable future was also undesirable. With the help of her guides, Linda released the energies of resentment, abandonment, anger, etc., that were still with her and her parallel selves.


By the quality and speed of the visions and answers that were coming through Linda, I was quite sure that Linda had the potential of being a good

channel. So we asked her guides whether this was actually part of her lifes plan and they confirmed.    They showed Linda how she was working

as a healer in the not so far future.


I took the opportunity to remove further obstacles, to get Linda to her full power with a speed that she would be able to handle. In my experience

many light-workers are under attack by the dark forces. One of the ways they attack light-workers is by implanting subtle monkey wrench like

devices, implants, into their energy bodies, with the intent of sabotaging their mission.


So we asked Lindas guides to show her where in her subtle body she was carrying such implants. Linda became aware of a corklike thing in her

third eye.   A past incarnational self had given permission to this. That Linda was sick and tired of carrying the responsibility and burden that her

clairvoyance gave her.  The burden of knowing a higher truth is an old theme that probably every psychic or healer has to deal with. Knowing a higher truth has brought the light bearers or pioneers of consciousness a lot of trouble with the status quo.  I have not come across a healer that was not tortured or persecuted for his gifts in a past life.  So there is a lot of fear, anger and feelings of abandonment around the issues that come with an opened third eye. Her guides assured Linda, that in this lifetime there would be no martyrdom. Times had changed and her gifts would be welcomed and appreciated this time.


We invoked archangel Michael who also assured security. I asked that her new gifts would be used and installed in divine harmony and under divine guidance only.  Then we asked archangel Michael to please proceed with the removal of the cork. Linda and I could feel how her third eye was expanding and how her mental plane became more clear and peaceful.


Next, Linda was shown a darkness around her head that was dimming her halo - another standard type implant to interrupt communication with the higher dimensions. The dark halo was dissolved within 60 seconds. Lindas crown chakra boosted to great size and superb quality.  There was no

doubt in her or my mind that this was real.  The next implant was removed from Lindas heart. A wholesome glow manifested in her force field now.  Part of me knew that any more clearing would have an adverse affect on Linda. Her physical body would have to adjust to her higher light levels and would shed lots of toxins.


For further training and confidence building, I gave Linda access to my body and asked her to look into several of my ailments. She discovered and helped remove two implants and one past life wound with accurate background information.


Building faith is a very important part of being a healer. I have seen the ill results of blind faith, which often leads to denial. Real faith is built on

direct experience. I would have never thought that Mother Mary would actually come when I call Her for help. The direct experience is in the

uplifting of the spirit after Her invocation, which is felt by most people in my healing circle. Yet beyond that, She makes Herself known sometimes

unmistakably by Her divine rose smell, which has been witnessed also. Experiencing the divine scents on a regular basis was very important for one

of my clients, who suffered from low self-confidence. It was very healing for her to realize, that the Great Mother cared to give Her attention.


Linda was getting quite a dose of direct experience. She had witnessed herself detecting and releasing implants in herself and others. Now it was time to demonstrate what quality of information would come through her.  So I asked her guides to tell us what is the underlying cause for prostate cancer in American society? 65% 75% of all men above 65 have prostate cancer. The only saving grace is that this type of cancer progresses very slowly.


The answer came quick and precisely (sign of a good channel):  There is nothing wrong with sex, sex is actually something divine. Yet, the way that

sexuality is seen in America due to the mass media and old historical stereotypes is distorted.  This unbalanced attitude reflects in the organs of

sexuality, in particular the prostate with men.


So how do we help those men with prostate cancer? I asked. By eating higher vibrational food like organic vegetables or more fruit. was the

quick answer.  That would raise the vibration sufficiently to take care of the problem.


Yes, I agree, higher vibrational food is a very safe and simple way to raise our vibration and maintain better health. The information coming through

Linda made a lot of sense and was very level headed and practical. It gave Linda also something that she needed very much: confidence or faith in her own abilities. She could ask an archangel to come and actually help, she could detect implants in herself and others, and she could transmit information that went beyond romance, money and power.


This is what I call waking up. Suddenly the context of our life and our real mission and our real powers become clear to us. Suddenly our world

extends into the heavens, where we find family and support. These moments are the highlights of many incarnations. Seeing the big picture and the secrets behind ones incarnations and experiencing the up-liftment of releasing the burden of old guilt, anger and gripes with divinity is shocking to the belief-system, yet a thrill to the open-minded and the soul.


Love and Light





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