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by Wolfgang 

Recently my life went far beyond my childhood fantasies and dreams. I watched women become goddesses as I crowned them at the Tucson gem and mineral show. I have been introducing people to their individual god and goddess for over ten years, but I still fall in love with the energy of the Goddess every time she enters a woman. 

Just as depicted in the Harry Potter novels, my wife Ishani is a professional magic wand maker. She serves the Goddess by creating objects of beauty that empower women and men. My service to the Goddess is to provide the sacred heart space and tools for the Goddess to descend. 

This year my wife manifested several styles of crowns and tiaras for the Tucson gem show. The reaction to trying on the crowns was extreme from eagerness to utter (fearful) rejection. Those that agreed to be crowned seemed to be the ones that loved themselves more. Those that rejected the crowns vehemently seemed to see themselves unworthy. In many cases, this unworthy flair showed in the entire person, like the posture, the attire and expression. 

It was amazing to witness the transformation that occurred when the ladies saw themselves in the big hotel room mirror. They assumed a demeanor of grace and beauty that amazed them as much as the onlookers. In some cases, the female High Self descended. 

In all my spiritual healing work, I have always found that the physical body reflects the higher levels of awareness through its various modes of expression. At the gem show while crowning women I realized that when the physical reflects the higher planes (for instance wearing a crown like many High Selves do), the higher consciousness is more readily accepted into our reality. 

Crowns are tools for higher consciousness. The human kings, queens, priests and priestesses wore them to ensure prolonged periods of higher consciousness. It makes sense that the person making the important decisions gets the tools needed to make the best decisions. 

The crown or scepter (for the same reasons) uplifts through two aspects: its beauty and the subtle energetic influence of the metals and gems interacting. Wearing a crown or holding a scepter wand uplifts a person through their beauty as well as by assisting in opening the crown chakra and stimulating the total energy body. 

The interest in Ishanis crowns was variegated. There were the psychic readers that planned to use the crown for attention and a sustained opened crown chakra for more and better readings. There was the couple planning to use the crowns for their wedding. There were the costume party customers and the renaissance fair crowd. 

A lot of priestesses were drawn to the crowns too. Some of the women were priestesses in this life and some were priestesses in past lives. One lady automatically tuned into her priestess energy when she wore the Egyptian crown, while the more ornamental crown called on her sensual energies from her servant of Aphrodite past. 

Female dancers from belly dancers to exotic dancers found that the crowns accentuated their higher female aspects. At this time the goddess is re-emerging in her different aspects and my wife Ishani provides some of the tools that help. Goddess Gear I call it jokingly. 

I have been serving the Goddess for many years now. I might say She actually saved my life. About 12 years ago when I was rebirthing a yogic friend of mine, the Goddess started speaking through him. 

She revealed that She appeared to me when I was about 17 through the kiss of a girl. I remembered that kiss at once. It had changed my life. I was very depressed at that time because I had a hard time seeing myself getting old in the society that I saw around me. There were no role models for me, no people that inspired me with their life-style. 

Influenced by the existentialists Camus and Sartre, I had decided to systematically find true happiness in life, and if that failed, to kill myself. So one night, when the Goddess appeared to me through the girl, so much love flowed into me, that it gave me hope for life again. I was hooked on this experience of sublime love. 

I did not understand at that time that higher aspects of consciousness could channel love through us when the conditions are right. But I observed the transformation that happened in our faces. How the facial featured harmonized, became more refined and delicately defined. How the body became graceful and light down to the subtle positioning of the fingers. 

I could see how the consciousness directly reflects in the physical body and started to study the meaning of the different parts of our physiognomy and how they correlated to different emotional or other personality traits. In other words I began tracking the Goddess, I learned to read the signs that show the capacity of transmitting the Goddess energy. 

By now, of course, I understand that the Goddess potentially can transmit through any person, yet the ones that reflect divine qualities in the physical, emotional and mental planes are easier instruments. 

I have made it my lifes work to provide conditions that align us as fast as possible with our divine consciousness. I introduce people to their High Selves on a daily basis. Every time the female High Self steps into a clients physical body there is an obvious increase in inner as well as outer beauty. 

In other words: People that carry their High Selves in them look and feel like they are in love. Yet, there are conditions that prevent our higher aspects from staying in us. Generally there is a lot of past life trauma that prevents us from carrying our higher energies for too long. 

Most women I work with have been priestesses, mystics and witches of varying degree in their past lives. Some of the priestesses had to kill all of their disciples to protect them from rape and torture, which left them blocked and full of guilt. Others were systematically tortured lifetime after lifetime, because they embodied the higher qualities of the Goddess and it scared the men. 

Many of these experiences have to be sorted out and reviewed from the perspective of the divine plan. The divine order has to be re-established and the old energies have to be released. The traumatized parallel self in many cases is stuck on some lower plane and has to be ascended. After a few sessions clients generally experience a blooming of their energies and a more radiant appearance. 

They notice how the environment, and especially the opposite sex, suddenly reacts differently towards them. They would have never imagined that they could feel and look so good. 

The Goddess has been systematically suppressed since recorded history. It is time now for Her to re-emerge. As the women get healed and come into balance, they can embody Her divine energies and help heal and balance the men as well as their offspring. 

Love and Light                                                                                               


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