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                                     and speaking your truth
      by Wolfgang

This is not an article about the computer Internet, but about practical spirituality. Through meditation, guided meditation or hypnosis one can link to the spiritual Internet. This is where the genius and the prophet get their inspirations. From here you can visit your incarnations or talk to your guides or your own higher aspects. Every past life regression that is successful has a learning experience connected to it.  We go into the past to learn about decisions that we made long ago so that we can understand the patterns of our present.  What are the major patterns that one can expect?

Practically all the women that I worked with, that where powerful and psychic (sensitive), had strong negative energies in their throat, brainstem and neck area. In my wife, for example, these energies manifested as migraines whenever she stressed out. We visited episodes of getting the had bashed in, throat cutting, strangulation, ritual neck crushing, anger implants, the works. As we cleared layer after layer her resilience increased. Now she only gets headaches under circumstances that I would manifested headaches myself. Other women experience what could be described as claustrophobic feelings around the neck. There where also chronic throat and neck problems in many individuals.

One lady with such chronic neck and throat problems came to me for help. Lets call her Elena.  I raised Elena's vibration and asked her High Self to
please show us the main reason for her neck and throat problems.  Elena saw that she was a Native American young male in a previous life.  He
happened to discover a herd of wild mustangs and proceeded to catch himself a nice horse.  Unfortunately he got stuck in a booby trap.  The horses where not wild, but owned and protected by these traps. A kind of lasso had caught his head, pulled him off the horse, and dangled him by his neck till he was dead.  He had tried to call for help, which for obvious reasons he could not. We asked Elena's High Self if there was any pattern from this incident, besides the neck pain that she was still running in this life?  There was: she couldn't ask for help. It was miraculous for her to seek help from me. She felt very isolated in her problems and felt that she could not ask anybody for help.  I was kind of a miracle for her to come to me.

I knew from experience that in strangling situations the pain cannot be expressed and therewith released in a cry. So I had Elena do a long releasing cry, mentally of course (we like to keep having classes at Metaphysics world).  The cry helped to release much of the energy stuck in the throat, the rest we released with intent. Than I hooked her up with her Angels. Elena had to understand that she was never alone, that there were always spirit beings around that would help her if it was part of the divine plan. After talking with her angels for a while and exchanging love with them, she could easily let go of the old programming and replaced it with the thought that divine help is always available.  Elena's symptoms disappeared during the session.

Another case was much more complicated. Angelica (all names have been changed) had a very oppressive father in her childhood. A few years ago she had been gang raped and was still dealing with male bullies when she came to visit me. We did many journeys into the past. We saw her in South America. Her father gave Angelica up to the priests for sacrifice, when she was a girl of four or five years. Angelica got a nice male abandonment issue from this. Her father did this for prestige only, to be in good standing with the old ducks. He tried to make up in this life by being her father, but was still lacking a lot.

In this past life Angelica got basic training in dance and the arts and at the age of about 14 she had to line up with about a dozen of her companion sacrificial girls on the top of a pyramid. They were the cream of the crop - the most beautiful and intelligent. Angelica was slightly drugged as she was standing in line, watching as her fellow girls got their hearts ripped out, one by one. She was not allowed to express any emotions (which would have helped), to cry or to show fear would have brought great shame on her and her family. The irony was that the girls all knew that the priests had lost their spiritual power, that their sacrifice would not give any better crops or protect their community from any harm. They knew that the sacrifice was nothing but a waste of their lives, and means for the priests to exert their power and maintain the status quo. Of course, Angelica did not trust any religious institutions since that time on.

I saw myself as one of the priests, but I knew that the sacrifices where a horrible waste that only furthered the suppression of the Goddess. There was nothing I could do. It broke my heart. Angelicas High Self consoled me, telling me at that time, that I had worked in all the different religious systems in my incarnations to witness and learn about their shortcomings. (This applies also to this lifetime). That is the reason why I do not trust the institutions either and why I am doing my own thing. It was all part of the divine plan. So the gifts I have, have been paid for dearly by others and me in past incarnations.

In other incarnations, Angelica served as a tool for spiritually impotent priests to get in touch with their gods. Instead of using her as a channel for
information, they ritually strangled her to siphon off her life force to get high enough to do their puny magic. Systematic ritual strangulations is a theme that many powerful women encountered in their past lives. Basically the priests were envious of the more developed psychic abilities of women. They either tried to destroy them or exploit them in the most hideous ways.

Another category of neck and throat trauma comes from speaking the divine truth. Remember all the wonderful activities that the Catholic Church performed during the witch hunts to spread the love of Jesus Christ?  Usually those that were spiritually connected and tried to help their ignorant fellow human beings, either through herbs, hands on healing or any other potent spiritual advise, got tortured by the so called disciples of Christ. My intuition tells me that these people knew exactly what they were doing. They knew that the trauma of torture would cripple the soul in future incarnations.

When our crown chakra is opened we can access spiritual guidance, which is broken down into human thought forms by the opened third eye. These realizations can only be expressed when the throat chakra is opened. (Sensitive people generally know the difference between a preacher that is speaking divinely inspired and the preacher that scholarly repeats the lines that he learned during his spiritual indoctrination}.  Mystics get their information from spirit; believers and scholars mostly follow the official party line without much personal realization. The pay off for both parties is obvious. The mystics get rewarded in spiritual wealth; society rewards the conformists.

Light workers in all times had the unpleasant job to speak up and show mass mind where they were wrong. Jesus the Christ is a good example of this. Do mass mind and the status quo like these divine messengers? Again Jesus serves as a good example of what happens to those that speak up and have potency. Many so called pagan witches followed in his footsteps by following their spiritual intuition and divine compassion.    Yet, if you get tortured and killed every time you express divine truth, it causes a conditioning: Every time I speak divine will, I will get killed and tortured. We better shut down the throat chakra so that this will not happen again.  So every time this person comes to a certain level of spiritual awakening, they self sabotage and shut down in fear. The past trauma is being remembered and speaking the truth awakens the fear of being tortured again.

I know this article seems to be a bit on the negative side, but let us be realistic. History as we know it was not kind but extremely cruel and predatory. To think that all this pain has just gone away is an illusion. People carry around their old pain and it cripples them to the potential of happiness and love they could experience. Yet with the aid of an experienced healer this psychic load can be relieved at accelerated speed now. As the layers of old psychic pain are lifted off the person their natural capacity for bliss emerges. The mystic yogis (hatha yoga is only the lowest step of the yogic ladder) call this process: achieving liberation, becoming a liberated soul (jivan mukta).
I am not repeating a party line; I have seen/felt clients starting to bloom again many times. Yes, it is nice to have no more pain in the physical body and it is even nicer to experience energies and emotion that common people experience only during the short time that they fall in love.

In conclusion: It is time for the Goddess to re-emerge in the human group mind. It is the time now for women to get their power back, but not necessary as Zena warrior princess (they are needed too). Castrating men out of anger is not a solution. We males need the intuition of women so we can put our strengths to right use. Without divine guidance a warrior is likely to use his strength in not very divine ways. With divine intuition the male can ascend to the archetype of the sacred warrior.   The process of reconnection with the Goddess happens in two ways: The empowerment of women externally and reconnection to female High Self internally. The latter applies to males and females equally.

What can you do to release throat problems by yourself?
There are many ways through which healing can be achieved. Though not all methods deal with the root cause of the problem, they can help none the less. Things are never black and white only. Please see what resonates with yourself and your skill level. If you think you need outside help, I am available for private consultations.

1-ask for the presence of your personal divine healing team of angels and spirit guides. After a few seconds you may feel an uplifting presence, a tingling or a shift in the energy around you.

2- Ask that everything that will happen in the coming healing will be for the highest good, in divine harmony for the most benevolent outcomes. Ask for their divine guidance, protection and assistance.
(this is a safeguard to the problem of:  be careful what you ask for.  State the intent of the healing session.


Smile and imagine rooting your legs and spine at least 10 yards into the Earth. Imagine these roots spreading out like those of a tree.
The imagine drawing up the love of mother earth like water or steam through your root into your legs and into your heart on the inhale.
On the exhale imagine sending your energy through your roots into mother Earth.

Be sure to smile very sweetly during the energy exchange. Imagine that mother Earth loves you unconditionally like a mother does
and that you are little baby nourishing form her loving energy. On the exhale send her your junk energies with your breath, so that she can transmute or compost them. Always breathe all the way in and all the way out.  Continue till you feel calm, centered and energized.

4-Open the crown chakra

Put your tongue on the top of your palate and keep it there. Imagine exhaling on the top of your head, just like a whale clears his blow hole.
Imagine the energy moving at about tai chi speed. Invite your spirit guides to help clear your crown chakra and infuse it with love and light.
Draw the at love and light into your heart with a deep inhale (all the way) and the send exhale with a smile and send your love from your heart
out the top of your head as high as it will go. Repeat till your exhale reaches 4 to 6 feet up and you are in bliss. When you are not in bliss,
you probably forgot to smile.

Close your eyes and become aware of your energies above your head, try to focus on a spot about 5 feet above your head. That is the point from where your intent has the highest spiritual power. Try to focus there while you set the following intents, please say audible:

" I release all resistances that I hold in my throat on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, that prevent me from releasing stuck emotions and traumata's from this and past lives. Please my spirit guides find all, remove all and clear all. And continue till finished. " 

Expect a subtle or not so subtle shift of energy within about 5 seconds after setting the intent. I use a pendulum to show me when the release is done.  So when the pendulum looses its energy or the energy flow returns to normal, please state:
"I release all stuck emotions and traumas from this and past lives that I hold in my throat on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
Please my spirit guides find all, remove all and clear all. And continue till finished. "

Again, expect a subtle or not so subtle shift of energy within about 5 seconds after setting the intent. I use a pendulum to show me when the release is done.  Make sure your awareness is centered above your head. In case your awareness is centered in your heart or throat, that is fine too. Do not worry about it. Be playful with the energies and support any releasing energies in leaving. Moaning really helps here, so is crying and wailing. If circumstances, such a nosy neighbors, do not permit a load expression, you just imagine doing these things in your mind. Go ahead yell, scream or whimper in your mind, it is very purifying. Do not judge yourself, but just go the flow and do what helps reusing.

When any action seems to fizzle out you can repeat:
"Please find all, remove all and clear all."
This probably will cause further cleansing.

Asking for specific traumatic events to clear
The above method should also be applied to specific traumas. The following list may come in handy:

Throat cutting
Neck breaking by accident
Alien or reptilian implants
Black magic devices and curses
Critters (little astral entities)
Suppression of free expression from parents
Suppression of free expression from local group consciousness
Inherited stuck emotions
Disease or injuri

Some people find a pendulum a very useful indicator for the amount or percentage of an issue has been released.  And please drink a lot of water afterwards.  Parallel to the release of emotional toxins, your body will release chemical toxins, according to the principle: as above do below.

If you need help with any issue, I work over the phone or Skype on a donation basis.

Love and light


e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com

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