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by Wolfgang

In my work of guiding people on the spiritual internet, the trance state in which everything is accessible, everything being connected, is used mainly
for repair and troubleshooting.  There is, of course, always the joy of introducing the incarnated personality to their High Selves and the joy of
meeting evolved High Selves.  The following description is about is a past life regression that has influenced me very deeply.   Sometimes I ask the
High Self for a gift, a past life that will inspire us and give us a deeper understanding.

Let me call him Swami Mrdanga. He had been a Professor of Fine Arts and History at a great American University in his worldly life. I asked his
High Self for a gift - a  past life that would teach and inspire us in this life. All those skills that had been mastered in past lives can be revived quite
easily. So I took Swami Mrdanga into the trance, invoked protection and guided him into the life that his High Self had retrieved at our request:

He surfaced in medieval England around the time of the Vikings.  He was a young hermit, frail and humble. There was no trace of any traditional
religious training in him, but his message was that of religion, which literally means re-linking in Latin. Swami Mrdanga found himself in an old
abandoned orchard. He was sick and had come for help. He did not know what to do. The lady of the orchard, a spirit being that was in charge of the
garden, appeared to him, hovering somewhere in the orchard. She was very beautiful. She smiled at him, assured him, send him some love and
showed him which plants to pick.  His gaze would just fall onto certain plants and they would start to glow in his vision.  After he had picked his
bundle of herbs the lady smiled at him again and disappeared. 

There was a human village in the area, but the hermit did not like to stay with them.  He preferred the harmony of nature to the quarreling and very
limited world of the humans. He went from an episode of watching the village from the edge of the forest, hearing dogs barking and shouting voices,
to the advent of the Vikings. He described how the Vikings where partying and raping in the village for days. And it seemed to be the lot of village
people to accept this kind of life.

As Swami Mrdanga described what he saw in simple sentences, I could see myself what was happening. There was also a deep understanding that
came to me. I had the feeling that I understood everything the hermit said on a very deep level.

The hermit preferred nature, he felt more safe in the forest. He would simply ask the trees if there was danger and they would tell him what was
going on. He was so humble, he felt himself to be so frail as a human being, and actually he was right. In the time period where he lived, a broken
leg or an infection could mean death.  He considered himself on the bottom of the totem pole, needing the protection and help of all the beings
around. For example, he came to a cave and was afraid, that some dangerous predators such us a bear or wolf might be in the cave. So he asked
the big stones at the entrance of the cave if anyone was in there, and they would answer him. Everyone, besides predators, was his friend because
he sought their friendship. He talked to the wind, and the wind would tell him what it had seen. He talked to the clouds and they too would
communicate with him, telling him different stories. Even the starlight would bring him messages from far away.

What struck me most about this incarnation, was the utter humility that the hermit had.  This humility was genuine and realistic at the same time. It
was something that I could feel. The hermit knew nothing of himself. All he knew was what the other beings told him.  But on the other hand he
was family with all the beings, even the very large ones like the moon and the sun. It was not under their dignity to talk to him. Our hermit was
never alone, he talked to everything and everybody. His universe was animated and conscious. He was family with nature and creation. Our
hermits communications were all telepathic and he always addressed and saw the sacred or High Self aspect of other beings.

This past life was the purest form in which I have witnessed an understanding of what  Native Americans refer to as: all my relations.  In this view
we are all relatives, having the Creator as our common father, and we are supposed to cooperate and honor each other. Also my favorite Christian
saint St. Francis of Assisi comes to mind. He had realized the sacred connectedness of all of Gods creation. He was also famous for his humility. 
That is why he was admitted into the Garden of Eden or Paradise or the Purelands in Buddhist terms. Only the innocent and humble with spiritual
vision are admitted there. When a Hindu bows before another being, saying: namas te , he bows before the High Self aspect, Param Atma. When
was the last time that you asked the High Self of a rock for advice?

Or is it the other way around? Is it maybe, that by listening to the wind and the stars we understand our position in the whole and understand how
insignificant we really are? For example, in the animanistic world of the ancient people, mountains have consciousness and they witness things over
long periods of time. Tribes coming and going, cities coming and going, cultures coming and going.  So how significant is my existence in the eyes of
a mountain?  I am not more than a fly compared to the mountain and the mountain is no more than a wave in the slowly moving ocean of geological
time, and our planet earth is just a grain of sand in the sandbox of galaxies that the Hubbell telescope can scan.

This vision of the life as a hermit has inspired me more in my personal experience and outlook on life, than any preacher could have done.  Also
Swami Mrdanga s life changed drastically. He started to follow his heart and made great changes in his life, so that he could life his dreams more
fully. May he walk with strength, love and beauty.


 e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com