Quick Energy Clearing & Balancing
You may have picked up negative energies from your surroundings and need a clearing. Or the rollercoaster of life has brought you out of balance, leaving you frazzled and exhausted. A quick clearing with a conch shell and a super charge with loving energy, sent through a crystal wand, can bring you back to “ better than normal” in a few minutes. (Has to be done in person in Asheville, NC area)

Crystal & Gem Layouts and Healings
For those attuned to the finer energies of crystals and gems there is a smorgasbord of nourishing energies from the mineral kingdom waiting for you. For many years I have been haunting the largest gem & mineral shows in the US and I have a briefcase of Gaia licks to prove it.
(Has to be done in person in the Asheville, NC area unless you are very sensitive)

Meet Your Inner Child, High Self & Spirit Guides
A must for those seeking practical spirituality . . . A heavenly family reunion. What personalities do your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, or Power Animals have? How do they affect your life and how to best interface with them?

Vision Questing
Need to see the big picture? What is my life mission, what lessons do I need to learn? Why did I choose my parents, spouse or children? Ask and you shall be given.

Past Life Regression

See, understand and release negative past lives and their influences. Or see past lives where you reached perfection like: the arts, healing, martial arts, shamanism etc. and quickly learn from them.

Releasing Spells & Curses
In many lifetimes we have cursed ourselves or were cursed by others for perceived wrongdoings. Sometimes we are bound by old love spells to the wrong people.

Releasing Vows
Our subconscious is strongly affected by conflicting vows or intents that we took in this or past incarnations. They can be related to sexuality (vows of celibacy), success (accrued envy), abundance (vows of poverty), people, community etc.

Releasing Detrimental Ghosts
Motivated by revenge, guilt, confusion or addictions many entities do not ascend into the next dimension after physical death. They tend to feed off our energies and try to manifest their agenda through us. Ghosts from old enemies may try to sabotage our lives.

Ghost Possession
During accidents, operations, traumatic events or heavy intoxication many people get possessed by discarnate humans or ghosts that feed from their energies, causing sluggishness and subtle personality changes. They also try to satisfy their cravings for sex, drugs or certain food through our bodies.

Soul Retrieval
During traumatic events in this or past lives, parts of our personality are sometimes released. For instance we may give up sublime aspects of our being to survive a crude or cruel environment. Once the old trauma is released, the cast off parts can be invited back in to make the personality more whole, energized and balanced.

Implant Removal
Most light workers have been implanted with subtle (magical) controlling devices from alien or malevolent forces throughout the time-line. Through these cordings and implantings our behavior and health can be manipulated. 

Cord Cutting
Do you feel that your ex- is having a hold on you or can influence you in strange ways? We form cordings or energy connections with old lovers, rapists, parents, etc. through which they can drain our energies or affect our moods and thoughts. Releasing this cordings leads to greater personal freedom and energy levels.

Healing a Broken Heart
After a broken up relationship we also suffer from a broken heart. Old abandonment or betrayal issues may surface and we have a hard time to ever trust and love deeply again. Other broken heart issues come from early childhood loss, absence of love or abuse.

Meeting Departed Loved Ones
Love is eternal, yet most of us have not realized it. Many times we wish we had spoken our heart to our child, partner or grandma, before they departed. Feel their presence again, speak to them and make your peace.

White Tantra
White Tantra is a wonderful non-sexual way to share sublime levels of love and nourishment with your partner through the projection of your chi or life-force.  The result can be high bliss, expanded consciousness and extended spinal orgasms. (Has to be done in person in the Asheville, NC area)

Breath Work & Yoga Instructions
Breath work is very effective in releasing repressed emotions as well as in activating your light or chakra body.  Also enquire about Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Meditation and Chakra Breathing. Wolfgang has a background in many spiritual practices and their practical applications. His answers are not so much mental but come from a lifetime of practical experience. Ask and the answers will come.

Finding Ley or Dragon Lines
Sleeping on a negative flow ley-line will lead to sluggishness, depression and ultimately disease. Sitting on top of a positive energy line is very energizing. The crossing of two positive ley-lines is called a power-spot and great for high levels of meditation and energy work. (Has to be done in the Asheville, NC area)

House Clearing

Emotions and thought-forms are energies that linger around and attach to objects. Therefore it is a good idea to clear these imprints before moving into a new house or apartment, where other people have lived before. Some areas of the house may still linger with an angry or depressed feeling. Sensitive people are deeply affected by the long-term effect of their energetic environment. (Has to be done in the Asheville, NC area)
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