I am happy to present some of the only slides that are left from my first rip to the East.
My camera got stolen before I reached New Delhi. 
All of my other photoes from living many years in India are lost too.

Kabul - stepping back in time

Kabul - man eating with hand

Kabul - wolfgang the photographer

Kabul - wrestling school

Kabul - wrestling school

Pakistan - public bus

Pakistan - friendly passengers

Pakistan - bus on kalber pass

Kabul - mongolian venting his feet

Kabul - dry goods merchant

Kabul - kebab restaurant with outside grill

Kabul - rope merchant

Kabul - lamp store

Kabul - boy squatting at open sewer

Kabul - used furniture merchant

Pakistan - cop with side cick and filmy magazine

Pakistan - spice merchant

Pakistan - plastic weaver

Pakistan - plastic shoe merchant

Pakistan - tea merchant pion

India - at the public well

India - the fist holy man or sadhu I ever talked to
he had been a railroad administrator and spoke fluent English.
I offered him some money and he laughed, saying that I needed it more than him.

India - Sikhs taking puification bath at ghat of Golden Temple

India - tourists attract crowds of people that keep staring

India - beggar and riksha wallas

Paris  street  sweeper