S A C R E D   G E O M E T R Y

Whatever you place into the center of the symbol will be cleared and uplifted.
The average crystal takes about 5 minutes.
You can feel the difference in the energy which becomes light and happy when the clearing is done.
I advise everybody to pay attention to the first object you place onto the symbol, while it is being purified.
Once you feel the joy that seems to come off the object once it reaches a level of clarity,
you understand the symbol on a deeper level.
Objects made from metal may take up 1/2 hour.
Objects to place unto symbol are:
Gems, jewelry, food and drink, sacred objects, statues, and pictures to name a few.
Try putting your feet on one symbol each when you meditate.

I personally do not work with crystals and gems unless I purified them on this symbol.
After a healing I put my gems on the symbol to clear any energies that have been picked up.

When I pass my hand over the symbol I can feel a cone of energy coming up from the center
reaching more than a foot high.  After I send chi into the center, the cone of energy gets several yards high.

How does it work? You will notice the 2 dimensional representations of the platonic solids around the circle.
The platonic solids represent the matrix by which atomic matter is organized.
The spiral in the middle represents this spiral galaxy, or the central sun, or what is called Mount Meru in Hindu mythology.

Please let us know about your experiences with this divine symbol so that we can share them with other viewers and seekers.


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The Flower of life symbol seems to refine the energies of objects placed on them.
The effect is quite subtle though if compared to the symbol above.

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