for those that dare to go beyond generic clip art

getting the attention and emotional impact
is most of the game in visual communication.........
the extraordinary always gets more attention.....
so following:
just keep scrolling down,
it will make sense really soon......

stoned dreamer

85 % water

woodoo doll 2

fading into the future

moon healing magic

are vampires allergic to sunlight?

from the realms of light

past life regressions

steam punk Halloween

psychonaut water meditation


alien abductions and star-seeds

woodoo doll

sleeping persona

astral swirls

does the civil war still affect us?

cool glasses give you a higher perspective

transcending 3D

clearing trauma from Atlantis


mind games

intense dreamer

vision questing

tuff guy ink


finding your true self


mother from hell

get it

heavenly angel


when the matrix breaks down ....

the matrix broke down


healing a broken heart


the god complex

thanks mami

we are getting greener



the lady of the forest




count wolfgang



jewelry: heartsongs by ishani 

dune style fighter



the magic crown

Halloween fun

poker face

Halloween Fun

the exhibitionist - Halloween fun

Halloween Fun

just say no

when the 3rd yeye opens

the eyes of vishnu

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