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We love to see our customers in their finery, and they are a handsome lot! 

E-mail us with your photos to heartsongs8@yahoo.com.


Aligning with Athena in Taiwan

Joni and her Taiwan metaphysical class

Prom 2013

Little Mermaid

Winner of the Beauty Queen Pageant University of Texas 2013

Amanda Shepherd

Ecstasia Queen of the Faeries

Having fun




Queen Eleanor at the 1st Michiana Ren Faire 2011






Britta, owner of the Enchantress Boutique, Maui, with friend.



Nordic with dragon crown at Midwest Crystal Conference 2007


Midwest Crystal Conference 2007

Midwest Crystal Conference 2007




Midwest Crystal Conference 2007


crown egyptian lotus model 1.jpg (389374 bytes)

crown egyptian lotus model 2.jpg (454503 bytes)




Ishani's favorite place to work.


Our House Fairy relaxes on Her swing.


Kundalini, Mew Mew, and Jenkyns, our cat assistants.


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