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PastLife Regressions Part 1

Visiting Atlantis - A guided Mediation

by Wolfgang

One day, a troubled young lady, Maria, came to Rainbow Moods seeking relief. She felt a darkness around her at certain times, especially when she tried to mediate or at night, when she tried to sleep . Also at night strange looking beings (reptilian in form) would appear in visions to her. Maria was scared and confused. Her vibration was very high, she could see auras in color, but she did not know what it meant. I later discovered she had attempted suicide several times.

Scanning her room I found it to be of a very high vibration, so her symptoms where not caused by a negative environment. I asked my High Self where I could find the root cause of Marias problems, past or present life? Past life was the answer. After explaining about the procedure, I regressed Maria to the crucial past life. It must have been her last incarnation, because she was a Jew in a German concentration camp. Swiftly we progressed to the crucial scene. Maria and a group of inmates where pushed into a big pit, a hole in the ground, like a swimming pool, and a German soldier started pouring gasoline over them. In my reality Maria started to breathe very heavily and I had to siphon off her fear vibration. To help her more easily through what she would have to re-experience, I called for 2 Angels and had Maria watch what was to come in an imagined cinema, one Angel on each side. Maria confirmed the presence of the Angels and I felt the energy shift in the room as soon as I intended to invite them. Though it
was intense for Maria to see herself being burned alive, she did well and she relaxed as she went through the dying process. Experiencing dying in a previous life considerably reduces the fear of dying in the present life.

Next we invited her High Self into her awareness and asked Her for an interpretation of that past life. Basically the darkness that Maria had been experiencing was a residual of the terror of being burned alive. Maria agreed that she did not need this vibration in this incarnation. So I asked Marias High Self to give Maria a vision of where in her force-field she was holding the emotional residue. As Maria saw the murky, cloudy substance in her force-field, her lips curled in disgust. We asked some angels for help, and together we all pumped love into the clouds till they dissolved. On my end, I could see how Marias aura just started glowing, it was as if someone was turning on a dimmer in the room.

Then I had Maria ask her High Self why she chose to go through such a traumatic incarnation in her past life. The answer was that the holocaust was manifested to teach mankind about its dark side once and for all, and that she and a group of evolved souls had volunteered for the role as the victims out of unconditional love for mankind. Than we asked about the reptilian being. Her High Self answered that Maria was an extraterrestrial soul from the Sirius star system. The lizard that came in her nightly visions, that was frightening Maria so badly that she did not want to go to sleep, was actually her people coming on the subtle planes to give her support and guidance.

Dear reader, if you think that this is far out, it gets better, because Marias High Self dropped another bomb, stating that Maria was a "walk in". The soul of the "new Maria" had come in at "old Marias" last and severest suicide attempt at age eighteen. The memories of the holocaust from the past incarnation, as well as the childhood memories of this life, came with the emotional package of the host, the "old Maria". The strong low density vibration of her negative emotional memories had been a big burden for the new soul,
which was not used to so much negativity.

By now we where about more than an hour into the regression and our life force was getting low. So we got a quick outline of Marias general life mission from her High Self, and ended the trance. While discussing the experience afterwards, Maria admitted that at age eighteen she had her severest suicide attempts. Seeing the scars where she had sliced her arms was very disturbing. This must have been the time when the new Maria came in to take over, because her life had taken a turn for the better from then on.

The effect of this sessions was obvious. Marias gray face had a pink glow, the morbid vibe was gone and was replaced by a bubbly joy for life. Maria just talked to her High Self for the first time in her life, had experienced dying, got rid of lots of emotional junk, got in touch with her extraterrestrial spirit guides, and has now a rough overview of her lifes purpose.

Not bad for two hours of work I thought. This must be the accelerated times we live in, for without fasting, harsh drugs, extensive psychoanalysis, so much had been realized. The seekers of old had to perform many austerities to get their visions and healing. Is this spiritual fast food or are we just blessed?


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