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PARENTS   by Wolfgang 

Psychologists would probably agree that most of our subconscious programming comes from our early childhood, the formative years that last to about 8 years of age. In most cases, the major programmers in our early life are our parents or those that raise us.

Through them we learn about love and nourishment, the male/female roles and so much more. The rules that we learn in our childhood may govern our whole life without us even knowing it.  

When I meet a new client I always inquire about the parents. Were they loving, did they snuggle with you? In general the nourishing attitudes of the parents are taken as generalities or default laws of the universe. For instance, if the mother used love as a reward, only given affection when the child was good, that would teach the child that love is a reward. 

Whats wrong with that? Well, does everybody reading this article believe that he/she is a good boy or girl? Were you shamed as a kid when you did something wrong or did your parents say cheerfully: Hey look, you just experienced what does not work. What can we learn from this and which approach do you think may work better? We all carry subliminal guilt of different degrees. 

If your parents used love as a reward for good behavior chances are, that when you feel guilty, you cut yourself off from love. There is a constant supply of love available from the universe. For example you can get love from the Earth Mother, the planets, plants, the angelic realm, divine entities, the Cosmic Christ (the group consciousness of all souls that love unconditionally) and of course God.  

The good thing is that this love is being given unconditional. Yet, when we feel guilty we will not be able to accept this profusion of love. We feel unworthy of love and happiness. The sad irony is that love is not a reward. Love is the remedy. I repeat: LOVE IS THE REMEDY. It nourishes, heals, uplifts and promotes cooperation. 

As a practical example: I once shot three videos on how to raise and train show dogs and worked with some of the best trainers in this business. I have seen a dog trainer leash-break a puppy in 5 minutes only. There was no trauma for the dog. It was all love and positive reinforcement. That little puppy had the best time of his life and so did the dog trainer. 

Bottom line: when a client had unloving parents the client has to learn through practical experience what love feels like, and also how he can attain it. Unfortunately my  parents were not like these loving dog-trainers. They grew up in the horrors of the Second World War in Germany. They had a hard time loving themselves and overcoming the harsh conditioning and discipline that they had to undergo in their (Hitler) youth. 

Many of my clients have dysfunctional parents and therefore grew up on a diet of dysfunctional and insufficient love. These patterns generally permeate all aspects of their life. 

Ella (identity changed) had followed a path of advanced yoga meditations for more than fifteen years. Her parents were alcoholics and her husband had drunk himself to death. She was still holding on to old resentment towards her parents. She felt stuck and lacking in love. 

After clearing Ella of the emotional residue from a recent family meeting that was still clouding her aura, she felt immediately better. Then with my crystal wand and chi projection I cleared her legs, arms, and spine and spun her crown chakra up to the ceiling. By the time I was finished fluffing her chakras she was smiling and had an angelic expression on her face. 

My next job was to show Ella the different ways to access love. So I started with the most simple and basic, the exchange of love with the Earth Mother. I could feel what was going on in Ellas light-body and directed her in terms of breath, attitude and visualization till she was blissfully radiating with Mother Earth love. 

I always start with Mother Earth because She is most accessible. People have no issues with her, so they are generally very open to Her love. As a next step, I showed her how to connect to the angelic love through the crown and heavenly chakras. As she was bathing her body in the higher vibrational love coming in from the heavens, Ellas vibration was high enough, so I called on some love angels to envelope her (I love a good show).

It was twenty minutes into the session by now and I showed Ella how to exchange love with anthropomorphic (human style) entities. By exchanging love I mean exchanging an energy that transmutes through the heart chakra, a white Tantric practice and a completely spiritual process. 

By now Ella was on a vibrational level where the magic of life happens. We called on her child self, and her inner child appeared sad. She showed Ella the darkness that she was still carrying in her sexual chakra and throat, from the sexual abuse she had suffered from her dad and her grandma. The inner child was also extremely angry at the constant head-trips and mental diarrhea that her mother had subjected her to. 

We invoked Ellas High Selves, her divine, eternal aspects and asked to be shown for what good reason she had chosen parents like hers for this incarnation. The answer came very clear: to learn acceptance of herself and others. For instance, the bad example of her domineering and religious fanatical mother had pushed her towards being open-minded. 

It was also revealed to Ella that her mom had been sexually abused which had shut her down emotionally. That is why she could show no love. And moms annoying mental diarrhea (saying what comes into the mind without screening for quality or appropriateness) came from a deep fear, fear of loneliness. Talking was the only way that poor woman knew how to reach out. 

When Ella saw where her mom was coming from and how deeply she was wounded, it became very easy for her and her inner child to let go of the anger and resentment, because she saw her now with the eyes of compassion. 

Ellas dad had a bad mother, that made him angry and sad and when his dad, whom he idolized left him to be with another woman, it broke his heart. He, just like the woman he married, turned to alcohol to numb the pain. 

As the forgiveness work was going well, we proceeded to work on the resentment Ella was holding toward her dead husband. We found out that he was an alcoholic due to sadness about his mom; she had sexually abused him (see a pattern?). The fact that his older brother kept beating him up, also contributed to his sadness about life. Again she had picked him (according to divine plan) in order to learn to love herself.  

In cases where we deal with the dead ones they come into our present either as earthbound spirits or ghosts (if they have not ascended due to guilt, confusion, or other reasons) or in their angelic form. I do not negotiate with ghosts but assist them in their ascension into the spirit world or heaven, and as soon as they return as ascended beings we work with them.  

So Ella did her forgiveness work with her dead husband (as an ascended being) as she had done with her parents. Her aura was integrating more and more and her higher heart chakras opened as she let go of obstacles towards love. 

With a deeper understanding about the motives and woundedness of her sexual oppressors Ellas inner child and Ella herself now easily released the energies and emotions from her sexual organs, the liver (anger) and the throat chakra (abused children always get silenced one way or the other). 

As Ellas most obvious trauma regarding loving herself had been removed, it was now time to explore the more positive aspects around loving oneself. For instance the inner child and her High Selves strongly suggested that she start writing music, singing affirmations while being in connection with God. (I will write about that topic some other time.)   

Ella was musically trained and ready to go. She even got her healing affirmation from her spirit guides: 

I am a child of God

Totally loved and accepted

I am warm and joyful about life

Tender with my own heart and others

And I pamper myself a lot

I pull in only good, loving people into my life

I let go of the negative ones

I am beautiful as a woman throughout the day.


Love and Light 


e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com

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