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We are motivated to continue in our service by your inspirational stories
of acquirement and use of our products. 
Please share your stories with us and, with your permission, others on this web site.

Love & light

Lady Olivia wearing Ishani's crown

wpe94.jpg (61762 bytes)     Many, many thanks for the spiritual
   exquisitely crafted wand which I use
   every day at the altar of Isis. 
   I consecrated it along with a Holy 
   Grail[I'm not sure of this word as the
   message was hand written--Ishani]

   and had this vision of Brigid. She was
   striking a crystal wide-awake.  I heard
   it's beautiful sound.   There were
   gyrating spirals of sun-atoms in a
   transparent column by Her.  I feel
   SOUND was creating spiritual

   Love and blessings of Brigid,

   Lady Olivia Roberson, Founder of
   the International Fellowship of Isis,
   Clonegal Castle, Ennisorthy,
   This picture was drawn by Lady Olivia illustrating her vision.   



Ishani   I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you offer the world. It has such beauty and grace. Were I still
on the road intensely, doing ceremony for large groups, I would want to be wearing one of your crowns!

Love and blessings,
Brooke Medicine Eagle


This is R. K. from Columbus, OH. I just received my Crystal Box in the mail this afternoon and I cannot begin to tell you how
happy I am! Your craftsmanship is extraordinary , the beauty is museum quality, and
it emanates potent, mystical energy that I cannot begin to explain. It will hold a special place in my home!

I use my crystal wand from a few years back as prescribed (by Wolfgang: "How to use wands") from the website for
healing and it works. Thank you for bringing such magic into my life!

Brightest Blessings,

I love and admire your work so very much. You are a master with symbols and a master crafts artisan.

In loving appreciation
Author of the book:
The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiation & Guide to the Goddess Mysteries

Thank you for your clear healing positive intentions. One of your wands
made their way to me and it has already proven its higher service
possibilities. Thank you again. Namaste and may all beings find


...finally I got the chance to open the package of wands you sent to me
. Saying that they are beautiful is understatement.
They are exquisite, they are a reflection of the beauty of our Creator. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being the hands, heart, and eyes of the Beloved, in your art...

Lynda B.
Celestial Encounters, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for all your wonderful pieces.
They bring much energy to our shop and delight our customers like
no other product or item we carry!
Dolphin Dream

Patrick really loved the wand you made for him! And so did I, it was
perfect, just as I envisioned!

I wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful work you did in creating my wand. I truly resonate with it and it will always
be one of my treasures, an object of beauty and power.


We are proud of what we have bought from you - she wears the choker all the time when she is fancy and we are among the
people. Would like to see more. Again thanks and most of all God bless you.

Eagle Bear
Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma

...Your wands were very well received and we were thrilled with them when they arrived. Thank you very much...
The Wyrd Shop, Scotland

...I am in awe of the exceptionally beautiful wands and other items you have created....Ishani's story is so beautiful. I feel
blessed to be able to get one of her wands.

Gail, Tucson, AZ
I just received 31 wands and I like all of them. I believe no one can copy your energy of the wand. I am waiting for your next

Kozue Ichimura, Tokyo

.Well, I didn't think you could do much better, but Wow!  You really outdid yourself!  The wands are all so lovely and full of fabulous female energy.  It's a pleasure to represent them here in Dallas.  Thanks for sharing not only your talents, but your incredible energies with us all. 

I wanted to write you a little note of appreciation for your beautiful work.  My friends LOVED the wands and have used them,
as have I, in New Moon and Full Moon rituals.    


Thank you very much for the work and love and blessings you put into my wand and angel box.  I am totally enchanted with
them both.  These pieces are such beautiful works of art, but also much more.  I will always treasure them.     
G. C.

Your wands are so beautiful I don't think I have ever seen any quite so nice.

I was browsing the web and I couldn't believe my good fortune to find your web-site.   I really love your wands, they are
beautiful and well made.

you always out do yourself with each fabulous order! I love them all especially the new goddess wand ,
it is un real.  I love you and appreciate you so much! thanks a million!

"I'm completely satisfied, I just want more!"
Miss Bootzie
My husband gave me my Sun/Moon/Snake/Chakra crown for my birthday today

Your work is amazing!  You have a true gift from the Lord and Lady!!!
I loved mine so much that I put a picture of it on my College web sight.
Thanks SOOOO much!!!  It's beautiful and I will truly treasure it!

Love and Light,
A. S.



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