i n d u s t r i a l    h a l l w a y    e x h i b i t i o n

In good PR or industrial photography one wants to show reality on steroids. Peak situations, that are standing out from the average life, real people, not cheap, bland generic corporate clip art.

The goal of this permanent photo exhibit was to educate visiting clients about the variegated aspects of the company and to build pride and identity among the employees.   The binary code, the 01001 that weaves throughout the artwork, was chosen to symbolize the strong digital background of the company.

Please note that all these shots where taken with available light, edited in photoshop, and composed in illustrator.

For cost efficiency the panels were printed on an in house ink plotter about 2.5 foot wide and mounted in custom brushed aluminum frames with anti glare glass.

It was argued that if only one customer was swayed to work with the company, the exhibit had paid for itself.

















A good representation of  your company, whether large or small, will create many times the so important first impression.
Just like people that dress well are given a better treatment, your company too, will be judged by its presentation.
Of course any intelligent person wants to see the real thing and not some generic clip art or corporate platitude.  Would you?

BizzyBee potography can be used in waiting room displays, websites, or corporte brochures to name a few.

Corporate packages start at under $200.  Please contact us and we can discuss your needs and how we can serve you best.