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 by Wolfgang 

How to Use Gems and Crystals Part 1               

How to Use Gems and Crystals Part 2    
How to Use Gems and Crystals Part 3

How To Use Crystal Wands Part 1

How To Use Crystal Wands Part 2

I believe that in Creators plan for humans he meant for us to live in harmony, friendship and corporation with all the kingdoms in his creation.
This includes the mineral, plant, animal, devic, angelic and other kingdoms.  My interpretation of the Garden of Eden is a place of culture and
consciousness where there is synergy among the different life forms. Synergy is based on equality, interplay, respect and contribution of ones
gifts to the group. This could also be described as love, yet love has many more attributes.  I do not believe in a jealous father God that gets
upset when I have loving relationships with all my fellow life forms (also His children). 

This Garden of Eden consciousness can only be attained when we give up our predatory tendencies or our illusion of human supremacy.  As your
modern man looks back in disgust at the Roman cultures disrespect for human life and dignity, future generations will probably look back
at this time as a basically barbaric, predatory culture where we exploited our animal brothers and treated our plant and mineral friends as things
with no consciousness.

Predatory consciousness comes with greed/fear of not having enough. As a predator, we will see the world through the glasses of our intent.
Intent is limiting to our perception.  Schopenhauer, the old German philosopher, described this fact in his book The World as  Will and
Imagination  with some simple examples.  A thief will look at a forest for things to steal or places to hide. A soldier will look at the same forest
from a different perspective than a painter or a businessman (who would see profits where the artist sees color form and texture). According to
Schopenhauer, a thing can only be perceived in its fullest, when the observer is detached or even better: appreciative (another of the many
facets of love).

As an example: while gazing at a tree with detachment or appreciation, one notices the varied ways trees employ to collect light, following certain
geometric or structural engendering principles like cross-leafed, short and stubby branches, texture of the bark, etc.  .  . Further study produces
even more subtle perceptions. 

Many years ago I began hearing about crystals. I questioned a lady in a Metaphysical store in Cincinnati, and she picked up a crystal and waved
the point over my opened palm. It felt like a tingling or a slight breeze in my palm.  I was excited to learn more, so I  studied books on gems and
crystals. Then I pieced together my own wand and experimented with it.  Ishani (my future wife) was making crystal wands professionally.   I
suggested a past life regression to find out, if she had any previous experience with making crystal wands.

We raised our vibration and she went to a lifetime in the earlier period of Atlantis. She was apprenticed to a master wand maker. Their shop was
an open-aired temple situated by the sea. The client would come to the master, and as his individual needs were realized, the specific implements
the metal, the crystal, the symbols and colored gems would self-manifest or materialize. These were assembled by the master and apprentice into
a wand.

Then Ishani went to another life-time at the end of the Atlantian period. The vibration had by then become considerably lower, so the ingredients
for the wand would not materialize any more.   Ishani had to procure the ingredients for her custom ordered wands, assemble them and then ask
the overshadowing devas of the ingredients to empower the gems or metals with their presence or vibration.  I was one of Ishanis customers in
both of these life-times.   And again in this life-time Ishani is the wand-maker and I am the wand-user.

After a lot of breath-work and doing 2-3 Kundalini Yoga sets a week for a year, my life force rose to a certain thresh-hold.  I realized, that I could
feel what other people where feeling in their bodies. I could also adjust the way people were feeling, but I preferred to help people adjust it
themselves, being their bio-feedback machine. If you teach a person to heal himself you will never have to heal him again. This is more
empowering for others and less entangling for me.

I was very satisfied with the results I got from hands on healing, yet my German mind began to tinker around, trying to soup up the healing
process.  This is what I have figured out so far:

Energy for healing can be taken from many sources: the earth (through the root-chakra), the angelic realm (trough the crown chakra), the personal
God connection (through the inner dimensions of the heart) and the Cosmic Christ (I define it as the group-consciousness of all the souls that practice
unconditional love). 

The fastest way to transmute these energies into its most acceptable form for human consumption is to smile while pumping them through your energy
system. The more sublime the smile, the more sublime the energies transmitted. It is even the other way around: unless we smile, we cannot perceive or
receive sublime energies. One of my customers exclaimed recently in amazement, that she could only feel my energies(which were blazing at the time) when
she was smiling. In my opinion it is very important to work with love energies when one works with intense energies, because without love suddenly
realizing high energy can get very scary.

To send these refined energies into crystals or gems manipulates the energies even further. Each gem or crystal has a gift or a certain way in which they
affect our energies. When ever I feel attracted to a mineral I clear my force-field and hold the gem in my hand or connect with it through my intent. I talk to
them in childlike simplicity, humility and love. I ask them to please sing me their song, show me your stuff in other words, I am receptive.  After about 5
seconds my energies will change. I may get a big buzz in my crown chakra, or my spine may tingle, or my energy field may be affected in certain ways.
Before I use any minerals for healing, I clear and fine tune them. I do not want to amplify any disharmonic vibrations. Then I pump love into the mineral,
which kind of puts them on steroids (without the side effects).  A stone whose force field projected about 3 inches may project 2 feet after 7 good bursts

of energy for example.

A crystal wand is an assembly of gems and minerals that have a synergistic effect on each other. Beyond that a wands main purpose is that of an energy
hose, just like a garden hose.   Compared to hands on healing, wand energies can be selected much more specific. Most wands that Ishani makes have at
least 7 or 8 chakra stones on them. So when I work on lower chakras I pump earth love through the Garnet and Carnelian cabochons, for the crown chakra
I like to pump heaven love with Amethyst and Moon-stones.

Whenever I work with energies I always invoke higher power for guidance and dedicate the energies to do the highest good. As humans we may make
mistakes due to our insufficient fund of knowledge, so it is always advisable to go for the safety automatic: for the highest good and in divine harmony
are the magic lines that keep negative reactions at bay.

The combination of the beforehand described techniques allows me to clear and charge a spiritually inclined person within two minutes.  After two minutes
of treatment people will be well grounded, the crown chakra fully opened, their chakra balanced and charged to a point that they can perceive the presence
of angels and project a force-field of average 12 feet in diameter or more. As people get cleared and their chakras are getting charged up their facial
expression and posture always reflect their inner states. Whenever I give public demonstrations most bystanders initially think that I am cookie, a new age
nut in other word. Their opinion changes very quickly when they see the faces and transformations my customers go through within those two minutes.

I am not writing this to brag, but to inspire my fellow healers. This is America, here we have the freedom and wealth to simplify and mass produce
spirituality. Please do not just get married to one system and piddle around in mediocrity  and fear. Make sure that your intent is for the highest good, learn
what you can, take the best of the best that you know, use it synergistically and make it better. We need strong spiritual medicines. In this materialistic, fast
paced, high tech society we need strong spiritual medicines that work. 

Question: When I touch a crystal or use a healing wand I do not feel anything. Is there something wrong with me?

Answer:  Most likely not. In our Western culture people are not  trained to pay attention to the subtle sensations in our bodies and hands, and so we do not know what to look for or how it feels when we talk about feeling the enegy of a crystal, or a wand or a chakra. Please try the following exercize.

Exercise:  Please rub your hand together 7 times 7 times (49). That will activate their chi or energy.  Then separate your hands and bring them slowly together again.  You may feel some kind of pressure increasing when you get to the final few inches. You may also feel something like heat or coolness or tingling. People feel the same energy in different ways.

If you still have an old TV or computer monitor with a CTR tube, turn it on and bring your hand slowly to the screen. At the last couple of inches probably most people will feel some kind of pressure or static. Well, that is feeling energy.  Now, please take a crystal or a wand and point it into the palm of your hand. Move it away and then closer again, keep repeating and you may sense the tingling, pressure, heat or coolness increase or decrease. That is how you feel chi or energy. 

e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com



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