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  HIGH SELF  by Wolfgang

Lets talk about the concept of High Self. The High Self is the eternal part of us that never dies, that lives in a dimension (vibration) beyond (heaven)
and is aware of all its incarnations at all times. In other words, we are angels in primate bodies. This angelic part of us, called the soul in some
religions, is always on line. It has access to past, present, and future (with limitations) and can retrieve any information to which it has clearance
determined by the souls evolution. This information can be accessed instantly. The personality that is incarnated is usually off line. We can barely
remember our past and may have a gut feeling at best about the future. The mundane mind is very limited in terms of a sound knowledge base for any decision. In a chess game all factors affecting the game are known possibilities. However in real life the variables are too great to make any accurate assessments of the future.

The wonder of trance work through hypnosis is that we can communicate as well as merge energies with our angelic parts, the High Selves. I do not hypnotize people so that I can program their minds more easily with suggestions. Who am I to know what is right and wrong for someones
subconscious programming? I hypnotize people so that they can talk to their High Selves and experience their own divine essence. I always feel very blessed to introduce anyone to their High Self. It feels sooo nice! The experience is limited only by the need not to overwhelm the personality.
Having introduced about 40 to 60 people to their High Self within the last half year alone, I find that people who meditate or show great spiritual
interest experience much higher ecstasies than people that are quite foreign to spiritual joy. Everyone gets as much as they can handle. The feeling is like hugging someone you love, only much stronger and more sublime. For most people that have lost faith in their spirit (on a subconscious level) this would be the time of reconciliation, of making up, again receiving nourishment from our divine heritage.

I went to many lifetimes where people felt that they had been abandoned by spirit. Some spoke the divine truth and were tortured as witches or
heretics, when they expected divine intervention or protection for their services. Some abused their power in horrible ways, felt a lot of guilt when
their consciousness raised and then blamed High Self for not warning them or stopping them in any way. There was this case where a general
allowed the plunder and rape of a city, to later carry that guilt through all following incarnations, never again assuming any position of power or
influence. In another case, lets call her Lisa, her powerful soul incarnated about a thousand years ago in a womans body. The people of her village
insulted her due to their ignorance. Lisa cursed the villagers in anger and they started dying like flies. In agony about the unwanted results she
disconnected herself from her female High Self. Next Lisa incarnated as a man, a powerful sorcerer. Once angered he also released a powerful curse with devastating results. Subsequently Lisa disconnected from her male High Self in remorse. In all her following incarnations her connection with
her High Selves was never established again. Now in this lifetime she is ready to listen to the bigger plan and work things out. Good luck!

Losing the connection to High Self over a misunderstanding is a horrible price to pay. I said misunderstanding, because the High Self sees the bigger
plan . . . in other words Gods will. We judge from our own small perspective, often seeing things too anthropomorphic and short term. When we
cut ourselves off from feeling the love of our soul, we are off line. Your Soul or High Self is your connection to God.

I work with High Selves on two levels. In its highest aspect, the High Self is an androgynous light being, very abstract and divine. I prefer to work
with the High Selves in their male and female aspects. They could be considered the divine male or female aspect, the anima and animus according to Freud and the God and Goddess in the New Age paradigm. The energy of the female High Self feels distinctly different than the male aspect energy.

This is of course always a good time to start a dialogue with the High Selves to work things out. I try not to indoctrinate any of my clients, but rather
take the stance of Socrates, the Greek philosopher. He just asked the questions and his disciples had to come up with the answers. Thats how he
would teach. He himself heard his inner voice which, according to his own report, always gave the correct answer. So hooking you up with your inner voice, your High Self, and asking your High Self for answers is how I like to teach and this is how I learn my Self.

First, I make sure the person understands how their High Self works in their lives, what their gifts are and how their personality is. In general, when we
feel really good such as being in love, that is when our High Self is in us. In my opinion, to have ones High Self totally integrated into the physical body, as well into the persona, is a very High level of enlightenment. Of course the High Self can not stay for long in a body that is tight from stress and toxic from impure food and negative emotions. Our strong subconscious programming may also not agree with much of what High Self has to say. Being in a hypnotically induced trance is like a state of grace that is to be used to better your relationship with your High Self, to clear out emotional junk, to clear out old physical trauma and to get charged with love and philosophical inspiration.

Male and female High Selves appear in all kinds of forms such as pure energy, yogis, saints, warriors, shamans, animal forms, symbols or just people
in their ideal state. The goal of any form projected by the High Self is to give a better understanding of their personality. The High Self has much
more personality than our incarnational self. They are us in the ideal state. For instance, my male High Self has a healer/warrior energy. When he
superimposes his energy on me, if feel a very secure strength, and my chest and shoulders seem to project out about 6 inches more making me feel like one of these Greek demigod sculptures with small heads and huge torsos. My Goddess aspect feels very flowy, like gauze all around me. She is the artist in me, and she also does all the talking.

Lisa was a case where the female and male High Self did not get along with each other. The female High Self criticized the male High Self for being
too pushy, too power-hungry and sexually too violent. Of course the male High Self had his list of complaints too. The constant power struggle of the two High Selves clearly reflected in Lisas life, which was resembling a roller coaster ride, going from one extreme to another. In this fortunately rare case, I had to act as an intermediary between the High Selves. At one point the female High Self confided that the black eye that Lisa had recently suffered in an accident was on the right side, because she intended it to punish the male High Self. The right side of the body represents the male aspect, the left is considered female. Lisas androgynous High Self was a very evolved light being, but not very experienced with this whole incarnational business. That s why the "mismatch" of the very powerful High Selves happened. On the other hand it was part of the plan to facilitate accelerated learning. Lisa was not too happy about this, but at least she had an idea of what was going on.

When the incarnated persona learns to see with the eyes of their High Self, and understands what the big picture is, it becomes a lot easier to
surrender to do the ultimate common good, the plan of God.

I know this may sound very strange to some of you, but with some it will strike a chord. For you I am writing about things that I normally do not talk
about. Consider the possibilities and honor your inner knowing. The information technology of the computer gifted mankind with an accelerated and uncensored flow of information and communication. The same trend is happening on the spiritual planes too. There is so much more spiritual help available than ever before.

e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com

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