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The following story is about Love, the queen of our emotions. If you ask me What are the basics that I should know, if you could teach me?  This
is what I would tell you . . .  it is most important for a human being to learn how to properly nurse from both the love energy of mother Earth, and
from the angelic energies that come from the heavens through the crown chakra.  Both these energies can be brought into the heart center and
projected as love in our world or dimension.    In other words: we can function as pumps of love tapping into the unlimited supply of love from
heaven and earth.  Love is an energy that can be felt quite clearly by most people. Love is projected through the heart chakras when people show an attitude of benevolence, the oh is this cute effect of the Kindchen reflex.  Everything that is roundish like the young of all the mammal
species are considered cute and to be nourished. It was natures programming to make sure that the helpless young would not be abandoned. 
Something like an optical pheromone.

This energy of love when will bring out the best inherent in anything.   The thing or person will glow with a pleasant feeling.  I realized this point
while waiting in the living room of a physical therapist for my appointment.  The room felt nice, esthetic, nourishing, but then it dawned on me.  My
photographers eye had kicked in and saw that all furniture by material standards was very shabby like old metal shelves, plastic imitation wood, etc.
As soon as I relaxed the critical focus of perception, the emotional glow of the furniture returned and everything turned again to comfortable
coziness.  The body worker gleefully admitted to my observation and commented: Yes, I put a lot of love into it.  Years later a Medicine woman
showed me how to paint walls with love. In Hindu deity worship the deity is showered with love through peacock fans and other worship
paraphernalia like the Yak tail fan.  Deities that are worshiped properly seem to glow and have a stronger presence around them.

My point is: I find that everyone that gets nourished with 30 seconds of good love starts to glow: water, kids, pets, people that are receptive, objects,
especially gems, and plants. You name it, you love it and it will grow. The more love there is in a person, the more there will be an inner beauty.
Love affects the outer beauty too. To me the face is like a screen of movement through which your body symbolizes even very subtle emotions. The
face changes when love is projected from the little charkas in the cheeks or when love is being projected from the eyes.  Yes, the energy of love can
be projected from other places then the heart chakra.  First of all the heart chakra can project love in any direction, not just to the front. Lets say an
upset mom verbally abuses her child in a grocery store. Besides asking some angels for help to smooth the whole thing out, you could additionally
start pumping Earth love (and later Heaven love) through the back or the side of your heart, without turning your body. Love can also be projected
in narrow or wide beams. In my experience it works best when the love ray is administered in a caressing, foundling type motion.  The same energy
affects at least 3 times stronger when projected with a loving, fondling attitude.

Yet in my opinion the most important ingredient in transmitting a good healing energy is the smile. I meditated for many years on the names of God.
One of the inherent problems of this method (mantra meditation) is mindless repetition. So I tried to develop an attitude in which I was aware that I
was talking to God, that I am in His presence.  After much exploration, what worked best for me is the smile. Among humans of all cultural
backgrounds the smile is understood as a symbol of NO THREAT and FRIENDLINESS. Who would dare to shake hands with the President
without smiling? How could I dare to address God and not smile? Relationships improved rapidly once I started smiling at God while I talked with
him. It was personal and love and happiness started to flow.  Smiling opens us up to our higher nature. Actually the sweeter you smile the sweeter
the love that you can transmit.  In my healing work,  I come across people that cannot smile or they force themselves only for very short times.
These poor people cannot give the energy of love. Only after being cleansed from their emotional pain and mental misunderstandings (samskaras in
Sanskrit) will they start to smile automatically. For all my energy work, my smile is the dial to sweetness. It keeps me in the love vibration.

The process of smilingly pumping love from Heaven or Earth onto Self or other Selves I call running love. It is my ABC of spiritual life. Running
love is my measuring cup of healing work needed. Can he/she/me run love? How sweet, how much, how often and onto whom? 
This ability to run love can be exercised like a muscle, it grows with experience, yet the best is when a habit becomes

If you like to get coached by Wolfgang over the phone or Skype on how to run love, please send him an e-mail.

e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com

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