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    GODDESS   KALI  by Wolfgang

This morning goddess Kali appeared to me. She graphically showed me the dangers of an unbalanced lifestyle, and She also revealed a way to heal past wounds that lead to a life out of balance.  

The information I got made a lot of sense, yet, I have to admit that this is not how I generally wake up. I have never really understood goddess Kali, nor talked to Her before. I wondered that this was my imagination. “No, no!” she answered, “I appeared to you before in Sri Lanka to prepare you for this.”  

She was right; 24 years ago I lived with a shaman in the jungles of Sri Lanka, an island south of India. The shaman worshipped goddess Kali and
Kataragama for material benefit. While chanting mantras and singing songs, he would run on the spot and go into an altered state of awareness.
When his connection with the Goddess was established, his apprentice would ask questions like: “Where can we find gemstones?” 

The shaman’s apprentice was a sweet young man only 5 feet tall and light boned. But one night this fragile apprentice jumped out of the ceremonial hut right into the bon-fire, where he laughingly began to dance. There was so much power coming from this apprentice that both the Mudalali’s (big landowner) son and myself were running for cover. The Mudalali’s son was 200 pound and 7 feet of bones and muscles. Neither he nor myself were easily intimidated, however the energy was so strong that we were frightened. 

Somehow I knew instantly that Goddess Kali was inhabiting the apprentice at this time. When we had gathered our wits, She (in the apprentice’s
body) was still dancing in the fire, which had been reduced to embers by now. She winked at us and still laughing, she motioned for us to come closer.  She bent down and grabbed several egg size orange glowing embers from the fire-pit. 

She held up her hands with the embers in them, so that I could see them from one foot away, and then She crumbled them laughingly right in front of my eyes. The apprentice’s body did not get burned at all.  

Later in life, I would walk on fire two separate times, but that didn’t seem as impressive as what the Goddess showed me at the dawn of my
awakening. Goddess Kali did not talk to me at that time, but imprinted me with two major lessons. Number one: Spirit entities can inhibit human
bodies. Number two: the laws of the material world as we know it can be transcended.  

So this morning Goddess Kali reminded me of my first encounter with Her. So I asked Her: “What do you represent? I do not understand you,
people fear you, yet You have come to instruct me. Who are you?” 

“I am Mother Nature, the physical teacher, I rule the physical reality which might appear quite harsh, but it is a very effective way of teaching.”  

For some time now, the harsh aspects of the physical world had been bothering me. For instance, the predator/prey set up is a source of guaranteed suffering. In the natural world many deer are torn apart alive, when they become too weak to run away from tracking predators. Even ants mercilessly devour still living caterpillars.  

My awareness of suffering increased when I realized through many past life regressions how people are programmed and crippled in a variety of
ways for many lifetimes though traumatic events. Just like love, hate and anger are eternal. The negative energy keeps working till it is cancelled out by love. 

Imagine all the suffering that we have encountered through disease. Imagine all the tooth infections that our ancestors had to suffer. Modern science can tell from the tooth cavities and bone deterioration that probably many of the old Egyptian Pharaohs suffered terribly from tooth infection and, in many cases, have died from it prematurely. 

I even worked with people that were still carrying trauma from an animal incarnation. There was this lady that felt always cold. She had gone to
many specialists, but nobody could help her. I regressed her to the lifetime, where the problem had originated. She saw herself as a stork, lying dying in the cold water. He was very cold and he thought that it was to early for him to die. He kept holding on. I talked to the stork and showed him how to pass on with divine dignity. As soon as his energy left, the lady did not feel cold anymore. 

That proved to me that animals could have karmic imprinting just like humans. So the idea of having to transmute thousands of lifetimes of suffering
to become liberated from subliminal pain and conditioning seemed a bit depressing to me. 

Now I understood that this was Her ghastly aspect. That is why She is being depicted with a garland of skulls. She teaches us lessons through the
harsh aspects of nature, such as disease and death. The harsh lessons are the obvious ones. For instance if you smoke too much for too long your
lungs will give you more trouble in old age or if you consume too much hard liquor there will be a set of different consequences. Mother nature is the most obvious teacher and when we do not listen to her, it will hurt badly. 

The accumulative effect of the pain and karma still bothered me deeply, it seemed overwhelming, and so I asked goddess Kali about it: ”That is taken care of by the big cycles.” She said “The 4 Yugas.”  

There are 4 major time periods in Hindu philosophy, very similar to the great time periods of the Mayan calendar that considers the cyclic movement of the solar system in relationship to the center of our spiral galaxy). It is instructed that the present Yuga, Kali Yuga, bears her name. This is the final Yuga, where the “bad” karma has accumulated for thousands of years.  

According to the Vedas, we have been granted a reprieve of this cycle, a “Golden Age” lasting thousands of years due to the special appearance of the God & Goddess. At the end of Kali Yuga souls are relieved of all karma and a new age, Satya Yuga begins, and enlightened and balanced time. 

In my opinion this is the time where the Goddess reemerges to heal and empower the women so that they can heal and balance the males. In my own life, the Goddess, appearing in many forms, has been most merciful and compassionate, rescuing me with Her love. 

Much of my work now is helping women and men to wake up and get in touch with the individualized Goddess within. At this time in history, we
need divine guidance to find the solutions that are for our highest good, to get the vision and advice that is perfect just for us. Now with the gradual rising of the vibration on this planet (a new Yuga coming in), there is a good opportunity to heal and change for the better. 

Love and Light




e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com

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