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   HOW GHOST AFFECT OUR LIVES       by Wolfgang

How Ghosts Affect Our Lives - Part 1                                                        How Ghosts Affect Our Lives - Part 2

Are there ghosts?  You bet there are and they have a greater affect on your life than you ever thought.  But first, what are ghosts?
At the time of death the subtle body leaves the dead meat body and is basically an astral traveler just like people that have a near death experience and float above their meat body.  This subtle body is the ghost body in a way.  Upon realizing that they are dead, many ghosts go ahead and visit their loved ones to say goodbye and even may hang around for the funeral of their bodies.

Then comes a time when a dimensional gateway opens, the white light that could be considered a wormhole to a higher state of being on a different vibrational level.  The Christian idea of heaven comes to mind and of course the Tibetan Book of the Dead goes into great detail on this.

Ghosts become a problem when they do not go into heaven, but stay in the lower astral for various reasons, about which we will talk later.  Ghosts need to feed on human energy to exist, they can enter and inhabit bodies, and they can telepathically influence people to fulfill their desires. 

It is generally reported by sensitive humans that they feel the presence of a ghost as cold and it even shows on infra red.  That is because ghosts suck energy which can be very depleting for a person.  Imagine having your life force drained all the time.  Hospitals are full of ghosts and most people feel completely drained after sitting in the emergency room for several hours. That would explain why.

It gets worth when a ghost enters a person.  Many clients reported to me in a session that they got possessed by a ghost during an operation at a hospital, during a car accident, while drunk or on cocaine and in a really low vibration.  Some where possessed as a small child and some as adults.

When a ghost of an old person with back pains enters a host, the host will experience the back pain too, as is for any disease that the ghost may have.  It will take some time though for the disease to manifest.   Besides diseases there may also be addictions that can be inherited.  That could be alcohol, drugs, food, sex or a different gender preference, especially when the ghost is of the opposite gender than the host.  Sometimes the ghost does not like the partner of the host and will destroy the relationship.  Needless to say that sudden pains or shift in personality or biases may be tell tales of a ghost possession.

Because they are astral beings, a ghost can send telepathic messages. That is one reason why ghosts like intuitive spiritual people, their minds are more receptive to their thoughts and are therefore easier to manipulate.  Also spiritual people tend to have more life force.  In the case where a child is inhabited, the child has no chance to distinguish the voices in their head and assumes that it is themselves that it is hearing.  In that case the ghost can take over the life of the child. 

With a more mature person the ghost may suggest things a the right time and circumstance to get the desired result.  Like:  "Just get a drink and you will be alright." when they are depressed or " I want to punch this dammed .......!"  when they are angry.  Many crazy people that have voices in their head are actually hearing the ghosts that are possessing them.  Some people carry more than ten ghosts at a time.

In my work I found that some ghosts can follow a person through different incarnations and create a lot of damage or at least divert the host from their life path. For simplicity sake I deal with ghosts in groups.  I do batch processing, but do not try this at home when you are new to the subject.

Enemy ghosts
Enemy ghosts are people that you may have wronged in a lifetime.  This may have been lovers we left, people we abandoned or tortured or ruined their life or killed them.  Many times when we were in a position of great power like being a king, a general, a judge or priest in the inquisition, we can assume that we have a lot of enemy ghosts.  Not necessary in our bodies, but around us. They hate you so much that they rather follow you around and try to hurt you instead of going into the light.  They do damage by either affecting you telepathically and other people around you.  For instance they may jump into a drunk driver for a few seconds so they can hit you with their car.  Or they install self destructive thought patterns in your mind.  Or they affect your boss in some way when he is already angry at you and fan that anger with thought suggestions.

Past life ghosts
These are ghosts from our selves from parallel lives or past lives that did not make it into the light.  It is very easy for them to affect us because they are somehow part of us.  Of course they have a different agenda than us, probably the reason they did not ascend into the light.  So they will try to pursue their goals through us.  That may be persecuting old enemies, courting old lovers or perfecting skills or fulfilling dreams that they had when they were incarnated.  They are a great distraction from our life's plan too.

Lover ghost
In many lifetimes we had people that loved or desired us without getting their wishes fulfilled.   When they died they followed us around just to be near us, a kind of sick puppy love you may say.  So these type of ghosts generally do not like our partners and may greatly affect our love lives by various means.

Local ghosts
There are a lot of ghosts that are attached to a place like a valley or a house.  I have encountered hole tribes of Native Americans that had been slaughtered and somehow they knew that I could help them. Of course battlefields in general are crawling with ghost, many of them are not even aware that they are dead.  I also encountered ghosts that were attached to treasures or the farm that they once owned and loved. 

Once I put a treasure hunter into a trance.  He saw a cave where the loot from a train robbery was hidden.  It was guarded by three ghosts.  One was the marshal that was protecting the payroll delivery. He was shot during the robbery and was still on duty.  Then there was the ghost of a lady that did not want to part from her purse and was shot over her foolish behavior.  The third ghost was a train robber that died from a gut shot, that he probably got from the marshal. So they had been sitting in that cave over a hundred years, protecting their treasure, till I helped them move on.

How to deal with ghosts?
If you are an expert healer or metaphysician you may try my method. Otherwise I recommend getting help form someone that knows what they are doing. This being said, here is my method:

I ask Archangel Michael to be with me for protection. I also invite my high self and my guides so that we can work as a team.  Then I ask a group of ghosts (enemy ghosts, etc.) to come onto my presence.  That feels very uncomfortable to me, I have to say. Then I invite volunteer ascension teams.  These are higher beings that specialize in bringing stuck entities into the light.  I ask for one team for each ghost.  Then I ask the teams to show the ghosts that they are dead, what their future timeline is going to be if they keep hanging around the earth bound planes.  Then I ask them to show the ghosts how their life would be if they would go into the light and join their old loved ones.  How happy they would be and how welcomed and loved they would be.  Then I ask their loved ones and pets to come down and pick them up in a festive kind of way.  Like a party with music, etc.

 I can feel how the ghost go into higher and higher vibrations till they pass on, at which time I feel a shower of beautiful heavenly energy coming down on me.  That is how I know that they made it.  Many times some ghosts stay back and I ask them why?  Some feel too guilty to go to heaven, some are really crazy and need healing, some stick to their old agendas that kept them here at the first place.  So I deal with those issues, bringing in the light of understanding till they ascend too.

In my practical experience everybody has past life, enemy and lover ghosts.  I had more than 50 for example. Not in me but around me. Once they are released ones feels lighter and clearer.  Many pains or emotional issues just disappear and life becomes easier for a while, till it is time to work on different issues.  I recommend to anybody to check for the presence of the above mentioned ghosts.  You could use a pendulum, meditation, kinesiology or some kind of divination to name a few.  Just the fact that you are reading this and where somehow lead here, is probably a sign that it is time to deal with this issue.

Here are the experiences of a New York business woman called Sandy (the identity has been changed).  She was a queen in one of her past lives and had a tremendous amount of enemy ghosts looking for revenge. This is what she wrote: 

"Let me address the ghosts issues... 2000-3000?? Seriously? No wonder I always felt as if someone or something was unhappy with me! ... I certainly feel a whole lot different...

A big huge THANK YOU!!!... I was in a classroom sitting in a training session …. and it must have been around that time that all the ghosts got cleared because I suddenly felt all the energy around me ease up... I got there slightly late and strangely, just before the class, I had a final unpleasant incident with a taxi driver who was blatantly provoking me with his manner and words... it was the remaining ghosts' last effort at tormenting me. That was around 6.15pm in the evening...

Didn't let that bother me too much... Walked on and went about my errands and began to feel energy easing upon my arrival at the company I freelance with. We were playing interactive games and learning about cooperative training methods and by the end of the session, everyone was looking at me like I was the leader... Including the trainer... And that often happens to me in group settings but unlike before when a few would suddenly give me dirty or jealous looks... This time, everyone seemed to be open and happy to listen to me! It's like I got my  "queenly" power back! I cannot thank you enough Wolfgang and this is clear testimony that you must carry out your amazing healing work... "

If you feel you need help, please contact me and we may arrange for a telephone or Skype session.

Love and light


e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com


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