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by Wolfgang  

Vision questing is an integrative part of most indigenous cultures around the world. At the time of entering adulthood, a person is led by the local
mystic into experiences that connect him with the spirit world (meeting medicine allies, ancestors, etc.) as well as their own purpose in life.


To know about the spirit world through experience is a great gift, because it saves the individual from gross materialism. An imbalance that occurs when one is entirely focused on acquiring access baggage for the body. As a gross materialist, I may believe that there is no consciousness outside the human brain, that my persona is just the result of a Darwinian survival mechanism, the latest edition of biological evolution, and that since I am my body, I will stop to exist when my body dies.


To know about the purpose of one’s life is another great gift. In Hindu philosophy, this is knowing one’s dharma, our own personal way of serving
the world according to our innermost nature. Thomas Merton, the Christian mystic, also states strongly in his writings that the saints were quite
eccentric in that they served God in their own individual ways. There seems to be no cookie cutter formula for how to serve the Whole in an
enlightened way.


Civilizations have been happy to provide slots or archetypes for those individuals seeking purpose and identity. In the west we had the peasants, the guilds, the feudalists, the hermits, the priests, monks, nuns, witches and the wizards. The Hindus had a slightly different set of archetypes with the cast system and the different styles of Yoga for their saints and mystic. 


Has this been replaced by personality profiles and guidance counseling? I remember the pressure that I was under in my teenage years, having to decide what I am going to do for the rest of my life. What if I am not gifted enough to be successful as an artist? What if I choose the wrong path all together? Every teenager is faced with similar pressing questions about his future.


Once a teenager came to me asking for guidance. I introduced him to his spirit guides and they showed him his future in great detail. He was
supposed to be a musician; he was shown the type of music he would be playing. He saw himself performing at concerts; he saw how he and his
band were meditating in the studio to sync up before recording.


He heard the lyrics of his songs, he saw the titles and covers for his albums. His guides also explained to him about the good influence his music
would have on his audience. Imagine every teenager would have his own vision quest about his or her path. How much more motivated and focused they would be. How much more purpose they would find in life.


Many of my clients that are over forty. The kids are out of the house and their life feels empty, without purpose. Many of them feel stuck and
re-question their life. They reminiscent about the life experiences they already had and wonder what the big picture is.


Several years ago Bob called (identity is changed). He had been practicing a kind of silent mind meditation for about twenty years. He was blocked now, couldn’t get into deep meditation any more. Bob needed help.

After I cleared Bob with my conch shell and crystal wand, his aura lit up and felt as if a big burden had been taking from him. I became aware of
several pictures of Mother Mary as well as rosaries in Bob’s room, so I called on Mother Mary for her presence and assistance. She came in so
strong that it took our breath away.

It was very easy to raise Bob’s vibration. Within twenty seconds he was at an alpha brainwave state. It showed that he had refined and trained his mind. First we removed any implants (“monkey wrench” type energy devices placed by those wishing us ill) and cording (energy hook ups through which entities can such or dump energy) from his chakras, brain and spine with the help of Archangel Michael.


As the implants and cording were removed one by one, Bob’s chakras began emitting a wonderful, very refined energy. As an experienced meditator, Bob was completely aware of what was happening with him on his energy body level. He knew that his prayers had been answered, that this was the “real thing”. Next I introduced Bob to his Child Self, Female High Self and Male High Self. On my request Bob was shown his greatest wound. There was a big blob of dark energy in his heart area. His inner child told him that this block in his heart chakra stemmed from his childhood. His parents never paid any attention to him, making him feel worthless about himself.


Looking at Bob’s physiognomy, I saw very auspicious signs: a wonderfully developed skull with very balanced, refined and auspicious facial and bodily features. He had all the markings of a monk type mystic. I decided that Bob needed a glimpse of the gifts that he might provide for the world to raise his genuine self worth.


So we asked his High Selves to show how Bob would be serving the world in three years, provided he continued his practices with the same intensity as he had during the last twenty years. Bob saw himself writing. There were books already written waiting to be published. He also saw himself listening to people in all kinds of settings. His words had influence, yet the greatest benefit came from his presence, his light emanations.


When we stepped five years ahead Bob had become a hermit. He lived in the forest and worked on levels that Bob could not comprehend at this time.  I tried to access the activities from different angels, but Bob could not verbalize what he saw.


Going a decade further into the future Bob became very amazed. He had become a politician. He saw himself in this position because he would be firmly established in his High Self guidance by then, using it for the highest good of the people. I was amazed, yet felt very good about the vision, because Bob and his apartment already reflected a deep sense of humility and balanced renunciation. These qualities provide a great protector from the corrupting influence of power.


After seeing the purpose of his life and the good he could provide Bob’s inner child was ready to let go of its notion of low self worth. We asked
Mother Mary to put her merciful finger into his heart and help him let go of his pain. Bob seemed to melt. Tears rolled with both of us. There was
grace around us. Bob’s heart chakra started blooming to exquisite beauty. I made sure that the inner child’s heart chakra was cured too. There was a flowering on a deeper level of the heart as that happened.


Feeling stuck means that we need some vision questing. As a teenager I had my dreams and I was terrified of the future. I felt stuck in a narrow
minded German town of 40 000. I wanted to travel the world and be an artist and photographer. All these dreams have been fulfilled far beyond my expectations.


Now I am living beyond what I had dreamed. To my own amazement: I am even writing. You have to understand that German and English were my weakest subjects in all my high-school years. Like the fool from the Reuter Tarot deck I had to step into the unknown, overcoming great fears and self-doubt.


What would have happened if I had gotten a vision of my future when I was a teenager?  Would my life have been more to the point with the help of a roadmap?  I have to mention that not everybody gets a clear view of his or her life. I always request that the highest good will happen, so sometimes it is not in the best interest to see one’s possible future.


Love and Light



e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com