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ENERGIES  AT  HOME by Wolfgang

How to Clear a Room of Bad Energy - Part 1

How to Clear a Room of Bad Energy - Part 2

I once asked myself the question: If by chance I had grown up among animals only, never seeing a human being, would I have learned/rediscovered to walk upright? Probably not. . . In all the cases that I read about, the children that had been raised by animals in the wilderness were employing a Chimpanzee style of motion, running on hand and foot, acting like part of the pack.  We humans grow into this world copying what we see, much like monkey see, and monkey does. That is one of the fastest modes of learning.

Would I have ever discovered by myself that crystals have a force field around them?   It was pointed out to me by a kind person and now I use the help of minerals and their vibrations all the time. Would I have ever considered that there are streams of energy  flowing into and out of this earth?  Again, another kind person once brought me to a spot where two up flowing lay lines crossed and pointed them out to me. I observed how uplifting and invigorating they felt.  Nearby was an inflowing lay line which felt draining.

Our optical perception is the main sense of input for most humans. The blind, by comparison, hone their sense of hearing and touch, discovering
worlds of nuances that 99% of the seeing people are not aware of. For example a blind person might focus very much on the nuances in another
persons voice.  These might be his only clues about his partners emotional states, because he cannot read his facial expressions and body language.

We humans have ways to perceive energy around us. I wish that my parents had focused me unto this world of perceptions when I grew up, forming my strongest patterns. But they where not taught either. This information has been deleted, ignored or ridiculed from the Western mainstream culture that I grew up in.

Not knowing about it, not having it pointed out, is one of the reasons why the westerner does not live in a world of energy perception. Another factor is dullness of perception. People run from very sensitive to dull. The very sensitive ones would have the greatest abilities to perceive the world of energies, especially if they are taught just as we are taught to walk and to speak. Would you have learned to speak by yourself if nobody would have bothered to show you?

The world around us is full of energies that affect us. That is why I like to visit my clients at their home. For example:

Dora (name made up) had felt kind of stuck and asked me for help. When I came to her house we walked from room to room to look for the best
place to work. She showed me the room of her teenage daughter, a nice girl going through a rough time. There was a slight depressed feeling in the room. I directed Doras attention to this all-permeating feeling and she became aware of it.

Then I gave Dora a five-minute crash course in pumping love through her hands. I showed her how to extend the energies from her hands and clear the room of the stagnant negative feelings. To built confidence into her own abilities I stood back and gave correcting instructions, while Dora cleared the room all by herself. After the clearing, Dora noticed how light the room felt now. 

I explained to Dora that it would be her responsibility to keep her house in energetic tiptop conditions, just in the same way as vacuuming or washing the dishes. Next I showed Dora how to use her hand to read the energy of an area of wall in her daughters room. I gave the same spot two coats of love with two hand-strokes and had her read the energies again. She liked the difference she felt. So I showed her what to do and she painted the rest of the room together with me. After about five minutes the whole room had taken on a cozy vibe. The walls radiated love from all directions.

Yet, on one corner, we discovered some strange feelings. On the other side of the wall they were even stronger. The energy was sickening to me and Dora could feel it too. It was very localized to an area of about 9 square feet. When I asked the spirit of the land what was causing this energy, it replied there had been torture at this spot long before the house was built. I invited mother Mary to overview and bless the whole situation and to my delight Dora was able to feel her presence too.

I addressed the spirits of the land and all the beings residing in this area, like the fairies or the spirit of the house, and asked them if they were ready
to let go of this pain. We humans definitely had no more need for it. We got a strong feeling of consensus. So I asked that everybody involved might let go now, said Amen and there was a big up-flow of energies all around us.

After several minutes the place felt light and clear and it was time to invite some love angels to help us fill this new created space with love. Dora was plugged right into these experiences, feeling like Alice in Wonderland.  She wanted a spiritual awakening, and now she was right in the middle of it. She was very excited by now.

Every time I watch TV my lower back hurts!  She suddenly blurted out. I sit over there!   I tried out the couch and immediately felt a draining
pulling at my root chakra.  The thought-form: In-flowing energies crossed my awareness.  I investigated with my hand and sure enough, there was
a line of in-flowing energy going right across the house.

I explained to Dora how on these lines the body and psyche of the human gets depleted of energy. People who sleep over those negative energy lines tend to develop premature sickness and cancer.  Also lightening strikes along these lines. I have seen it personally in a forest. All the trees struck by lightening were along a line, which happened to be of inflowing energy. Dora would have to figure out how to live around this lay line.

Living at a certain place means being affected with its particular individual energies. Just like when we are married to a person, we will get affected by their energies such as their anger, joy, or their personal history. In very similar fashion, a place consists of a composition of the emotions and thought-forms of events that it accumulated through its history. Just like a human person, a place has awareness and can be cleansed of bad memories in a very deep and healing fashion.

Pete (name made up), a client of mine, knew that there was a ghost living in his beautiful barrio apartment.  To him it was like living with a roommate that he couldnt see, only feel. This ghost had its own emotional presence and judgments, which were drawing Pete into a strange relationship situation.  Yet Pete, at this point of his life, preferred to live alone. So when I visited his apartment he asked for my help and advice.

We both could feel the presence of her spirit above the bed. I sent her some love, which she liked. Then I called on some love angels to run love on her and nourish and engulf her. She liked that very much. Next I told the spirit that she should be going with the angels into the light. There would be much more love waiting for her there. She was quite enthusiastic when she transitioned into the higher dimensions.

As the next step, we cleared the walls from the thought-forms of the generations of previous tenants and after that Pete really had his own space.

When you create a meditation room or meditation corner for instance, it helps to clear the area completely of any negative vibrations and to think only meditative thoughts of a very high vibration while being in this area. Thus, over longer periods of time, a meditation room vibration is being established.  It will be very easy to get into a meditative state in such a vibrational environment.

John (name made up) was the son of a heroin-addicted mother. He had relocated to Tucson and was proud about the wonderful place he found to live. In his room we talked about his mother. He was wondering if she had sold his body for drugs the way she had sold hers. He showed me a photo of her with him as a baby. Soon after that photo was taken, John had been institutionalized and his mom had died in the streets of New York.

When I tuned into the picture of Johns Mom, I could feel her sadness and started crying instantly. I had no control over the crying, which burst out
very vehemently. Johns mother conveyed that she was so sorry about the suffering she had caused John.  I helped her to release some of her pain and guilt and explained to her that she would be of more help to John when she could ascend into her angelic form.

Johns mother agreed and I called for the angels to take care of her and the ascension.  (I always get the full cooperation of the angelic host as long as I ask for the highest good). John and I could feel how her presence faded away as she ascended into the higher dimensions. After about five minutes, we felt a wonderful angelic presence. Johns mother had returned in her angelic form. She carried a lot of love and light in her higher heart chakras. I was impressed by her powerful presence. She would be able to assist John much better from now on.

Maybe some of these stories resonate with you. If they do, I am happy that I could be of some service.

Love and Light


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