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  ANGER  by Wolfgang

What happened at the world trade center is hitting at one of the core issues that I have been working with for a while. 

Lets talk about anger. In my world anger is a certain type of energy, just like love. This energy can be send through space and time and keeps on going till it is neutralized by forgiveness and love. Being angry floods our body with toxins and shuts down our immune system.  

Being angry burdens our liver, which is one of our major detoxification organs. Interestingly enough, a bad liver or an imbalanced liver meridian will influence us to be more angry or grouchy, lashing out on impulse. Anybody knowledgeable in traditional Chinese medicine will very this.

Anger generally generates more anger unless it is met as said before with forgiveness and love. Anger has pretty much the opposite effect of love. Love nurtures and is a cure. Anger creates disharmony and ultimately destroys its target. 

Anger comes to us through our family traditions. It can start right in the womb of the mother. The unborn is merged emotionally with its mother. If the mother is angry a lot, the child most likely will carry the same anger.  

If the parents yell at or beat their children chances are that the kids will either grow angry and very resentful or become broken, thinking it is all their fault, which is a form of anger directed at the self.

Unfortunately in our parental traditions love is seen as a reward for good behavior. This is a very sad misconception. Love is the healer. Love is our inborn right, not a reward to be traded for pleasant behavior. Yet love and anger are traditionally used as the carrot and stick of behavior modification. 

Anger and violence are closely connected. People store more and more anger in their liver till it comes to a breaking point where the energy is being discharged in a violent act. Angry people fight more. Angry fathers that abuse their children create children that will be angry and tend to beat their children in turn. These traditions of tough love have been going on for many generations. They are an integral part of an imbalanced patriachical society. 

Anger and resentment can built over long periods of time. Bickering and over lording parents for example can create a rebellious child over time. Physical abuse only speeds up the process. Do you think that to bully a child into your idea of desired behavior will yield good results in the long run?  

We males have a fascination with fighting. It excites us talking about it. But I cannot forget when a friend, who witnessed a lot of street fights, told me that all the big street fighters that hurt a lot of people where all living in miserable conditions. He said hurting peoples bodies is very bad karma. 

Actually it is bad karma in several ways. Lets assume person A and B have a confrontation in a dark back alley.  A breaks B's knee to win the fight. A thinks he won the fight and the story is over. Probably not ... Every time B's knee hurts he will most likely send thoughts of anger to A. Lets say B lives for 40 more years and his knee deteriorates. B will probably project his anger and frustration unto A for the rest of his live, every time he thinks about the fight or the knee hurts. 

This will have a strong accumulative effect on person A. Thought forms travel to the person they are directed at and will affect that person, depending on the clarity and intensity of the thought forms. Curses and blessings work on the same principle. 

So please think about it.  When you get angry you hurt yourself by not feeling good, by creating toxins in your body and you hurt the one that you are angry at. Try to raise your vibration, which helps you get out of your reptile brain, and maybe pray to the angels to help you find a higher perspective to your problem. 

For the person that does inner work it is recommended to release old stuck anger that is still lingering from this or past life times. I do not recommend that for moral, but practical reasons. You will just feel al lot better once the anger is released, less angry of course and less toxic. Love is easier to receive or send and one feels lighter. Of course the re3lationship with the person that we were angry will also improve.

I have seen old couples that hated each other, they were green with toxins. It is understandable that in the course of a long marriage quite a lot of frustration and anger can accumulate. If not released it will poison the relationship. So letting go of anger is nothing more than psychological or spiritual hygiene.

How to let go of anger?
There are many ways this can be done, here some simple ways:

1- Call on your spiritual support team according to your belief system. That could be God, Jesus, Mother May, Buddha, your spirit guides, your angels, your high self, to name e a few.

Say: "Dear  . . . I ask for your loving presence for the purpose of releasing anger. "

2- Say: " I ask that everything I ask for will only manifest if it is for: the highest good, in divine harmony, with the most benevolent outcomes."

3- Say: " I ask that any stuck emotions in the category of anger from past and this life please be released now, as there is no more need for me carry them around."

4- Say: "First I release all blocks and opposition in me that prevent the release of these stuck anger emotions. Please find all, remove all and clear all and continue till finished. Thank you."

5- Be still till no more energy flow is being perceived. Or just wait for 30 seconds give or take. Smile.

6- Say: "I ask that any stuck emotions in the category of anger from past and this life please be released now, as there is no more need for me carry them around. Please find all, remove all and clear all and continue till finished. Thank you."

7- Be still till no more energy flow is being perceived. Or just wait for 30 seconds give or take. Smile.

8- Try to remember the situation when you were the most angry in your life. Lets us call this memory . . . .

9- Say: "I ask that any stuck emotions from this memory . . .  and any other such type of memories from this life and past life please be released now, as there is no more need for me to carry them around. Please find all, remove all and clear all and continue till finished. Thank you."

10- Please continue in this fashion for any angry memory that comes to mind for you now or in the future. Depending on a variety of factors such as sensitivity, attention or experience you may experience a shift in energy when you call on your divine support team. If you feel such a shift of energy you will probably also feel such a shift when you start releasing old stuck emotions.

You can wait till the releasing energies have settled before you move on to the next issue. If you know how to use a pendulum you may monitor the release in that way. It is advisable to go through your life and release the stuck emotions from any time that you were angry. Here also a pendulum can be useful to detect stuff that has nor been released.

11- I like to do this kind of work in a hot bath tub, because the heat helps me to relax to a deeper level, maybe because the situations reminds one of being in the womb.

12- Smiling into the liver which according to traditional Chinese medicine, Chi Gong and also my own experience, is the place in the physical body, where toxic emotions like anger are being stored.

May everthing work out for you in the highest good and divine harmony.


e-mail: heartsongs8@yahoo.com

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