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In 1972, I was practicing Bhatia-Yoga (the yoga of personal loving service to the God and Goddess
in forms made of Earth) in ancient mountains, with virgin forest, waterfalls, and abundant herbs and vegetation.
The devas and nature spirits were constantly dancing and singing.
I was guided to make adornments for the God and Goddess, but having forgotten past life technical skills, I was dependant on Their guidance and inspiration.
That is why, from my heart, I tell you that I was taught my skills directly by the Gods and Goddesses Themselves. 
I have now been able to access memories of "sharing" with crystals in Lemuria, and creating crystal tools for healing in Atlantis. 
Previously, desire alone was needed to manifest healing tools.   Today, they are first manifest on the spiritual plane through meditation, then they are "drawn" through to this plane by physical labor. 



Because all the items I make are first "birthed" on the spiritual plane, I feel each wand is pre-destined and appropriate for the person who receives it.
I have spent my life in metaphysical studies and   I have received "initiation" from many different traditions, such as Priestess in the Fellowship

of Isis, Christian Baptism,  Brahmin initiation, and walked the Four Directions with a Cherokee Medicine Woman.  However, initiation means little
unless one "walks her talk".   I feel an urgency now to help everyone heal and connect with their Heart Guru, and I hope the items I make can facilitate this.  If you are drawn to an item, and money is an obstacle, we can make arrangements.  If you are blessed with lot's of money, and want to help out the less endowed, by all means do!  My vision is people sending ever-expanding, loving, healing energy through crystals bringing peace to all corners of the Earth.  At the present moment, I am "economically challenged", but soon I hope to make available very inexpensive wands to help make this vision a reality.


Each day of creation begins with the cleansing of ourselves and workspace, and the angels, devas, and spirit guides are called upon for guidance.
HEARTSONGS are not simple decorations - they are tools for spiritual growth - ours and yours! Our intention is that the positive energies of heaven and earth may flow through our work to you.

Ancient wisdom and modern techniques are used to create the spiritual tools that are right for each person. All the crystals used are collected reverently and with respect for these great gifts from Mother Earth. Each item comes with a detailed description of it's medicine or spiritual qualities and the stones used.

We try to ship as quickly as possible. Each item is created with care, so some orders, especially large wands, may take longer. If for any reason you
are not completely satisfied with your purchase please return the item within 10 days for a refund.

It has come to our attention that other manufacturers are copying our designs, and claiming affiliation with us. 
We do not sanction the use of our designs or good name by anyone else.
To make sure that you have a quality product by "Heartsongs by Ishani" send us an e-mail.
We attempt to keep our prices as low as possible while maintaining the highest quality ingredients and craftsmanship. Please call for your price quote. We will work with you. Retail and wholesale.

Please note that all our designs are copyrighted and may be reproduced only with our expressed written  consent.


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